Ukraine-Russia War, News of the Day: Because ISW Prigozhin wants to exploit possible Russian failure

Ukraine-Russia War, News of the Day: Because ISW Prigozhin wants to exploit possible Russian failure

The fighting is taking place in Bakhmut, where Ukrainians are said to be on the verge of surrender, and in Sloviansk, it has been hit by Russian raids that destroyed a building: a two-year-old boy died in an ambulance after being pulled alive from the rubble. Five more civilians were killed. Western diplomacy, in the absence of a glimmer of dialogue between the two sides of the conflict, is still pressuring China to put aside ambiguities and commit to mediation. Meanwhile, the Russian president Russian President Vladimir Putin He has signed legislation to create a digital recruiting system that would greatly facilitate the mobilization of Russians into the army, according to British military intelligence, referring to Russian predictions of prolonging the conflict.

The war in Ukraine, what you need to know

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Live news of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia

Moscow, Wagner’s troops occupy two districts of Bakhmut

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, Wagner’s surprise forces captured two neighborhoods on the northern and southern outskirts of Bakhmut. This was reported by Russian state news agencies. Heavy fighting also continued near the city of Donetsk, which has been the scene of bloody clashes for months. According to the ministry’s statement, “the remaining Ukrainian forces in Bakhmut are destroying infrastructure and residential complexes with their withdrawal.”


The Ukrainian ambassador, the pope, inquires with us and with the Russians

According to the Ukrainian ambassador to the Vatican Andrey JurashPope Francis receives information about the war from both official and unofficial sources, from both the Russian Federation and Ukraine including the Russian ambassador to the Vatican. Alexander Avdeev.

Jorash spoke about this in an interview with Navy Radio, where he emphasized that Pope Francis is a very strong personality and has his own vision of the world. “Moreover, the Pope met with church figures from the Ukrainian side at the highest level, for example, he recently met SvyatoslavWith the Council of Ukrainian Churches. He also held talks with ordinary citizens.”

Prigozhin: “The option of agreements for the future of Russia is impossible”

“Either the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be defeated in a fair battle, or Russia will lick its wounds, build up its muscles and face its rivals again in a fair battle. Therefore, I believe that the option of agreements is impossible for the future of Russia… I see you in Bakhmut.” It was written by the founder of the mercenary company Wagner, Evgheniy Prigozhin, at the end of a long post on Telegram.

Russian attack on Slovenia brings nine casualties

The death toll from a Russian missile attack that hit a building in Sloviansk, Ukraine, has risen to nine. Rescuers continue digging through the rubble, as a lifeless woman was recovered during the night. bring it back UNIAN. Five people are still missing from the roll call, while more than two dozen were injured.


Two officers were wounded by Russian drones against the police in Kherson

Ukraine’s regional police said that Russian drones attacked police targets in Kherson. Korabelle district was also affected. Two officers were injured and their vehicle was damaged.

Pro-Russian, 4 dead in Ukrainian bombing in Donetsk

Four people, including a 7-year-old girl, are said to have died following a Ukrainian airstrike in Yasenovata, Donetsk. The leader of the pro-Russian separatists in Donetsk reported this on Telegram, Dennis Pushlin. The wounded will be 10.


Two explosions were heard in Mariupol

Two powerful explosions were heard in Mariupol, which was occupied by the Russian army, the exiled mayor’s advisor wrote on Telegram. Peter AndryushenkoQuoting the Ukrainian media.

He declared Carnegie, Agentsvo, and the musician Slepakov “foreign agents.”

Carnegie Endowement think tank, independent news site Agentsvo, jukebox Semyon Slipakov and reporter Pavel Kanyginamong the names of persons and organizations declared “foreign agents” by the Ministry of Justice of Russia and published yesterday, like every Friday evening, updating the list.

Moscow, 50,000 recruits enrolled in the spring service

Russia’s spring recruitment drive, which began on April 1, is “progressing as planned and will end on July 15, 2023.” This was confirmed by Andrei Biryukov, spokesman for the Main Organization and Mobilization Directorate of the Russian General Staff.

He reported that 52,000 postcards had been sent so far, and more than 50,000 citizens had already submitted themselves, as required by law, to the local military commissariats for recruitment. Then Biryukov assured that the postcards would not be sent “en masse”, as many feared in Russia after the introduction of new electronic conscription rules.

Tomorrow Sant’Egidio is organizing a lunch with the refugees

Tomorrow, at 12 o’clock, in the Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere, in Rome, a solemn service will take place on the occasion of Orthodox Easter, presided over by Father Andrei Vakhrushev. The celebration will be attended by hundreds of Ukrainian refugees who have been welcomed by the community since the beginning of the war, most of them women with children, as well as other Orthodox Christians, including refugees from Syria and Iraq, who arrived in Italy thanks to humanitarian corridors. After the prayer, everyone will go to the Sant’Egidio House of Friendship for a solidarity lunch, organized by Acea. Acea staff will participate in the organization and implementation of the luncheon, together with the students of the School of Italian Culture and Language in the community, as volunteers.

Kiev: “Soon a counterattack that will liberate all Ukrainian lands”

The counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will begin “in the near future” and will eventually allow the “return” of all its territories, including Crimea, to Kiev’s control. This was confirmed by the Ukrainian Prime Minister, Denys Shmyhal, at a press briefing in Washington, according to reports from Ukrinform. Commenting on reports that the Pentagon doubts the success of the imminent counterattack UkraineShmyhal expressed confidence in the successful completion of the campaign of the Kiev army. “Nothing will affect or change our plans for the counterattack. Our goal is victory, our goal is to liberate the Ukrainian lands. We are sure that the counterattack will happen in the near future. The United States fully supports us.” The premier is visiting the United States.

On the occasion of Orthodox Easter, Patriarch Kirill wishes “just and lasting peace”

On the occasion of the Orthodox Easter, which will be celebrated tomorrow, the Patriarch of Moscow Kirill wishes lasting and just peace in Ukraine. “On Bright Easter, our special prayers are addressed to God for people who are in a war zone,” the head of the Russian Orthodox Church said in his message. We, as Christians, cannot remain indifferent to the hardships of our brothers and sisters, therefore we offer the Lord solemn supplications to heal bodily wounds, and especially spiritual ones, to comfort all sufferings and to grant to the fraternal peoples who have left only the baptismal font of the Dnieper, lasting and just peace.

Orthodox Patriarch Kirill

Orthodox Patriarch Kirill (AFP)

UK MoD: ‘Russian online conscription indicates Moscow expects protracted conflict’

“It is very likely that the creation of an electronic system to call the army is part of a long-term approach to providing personnel, given that Russia expects a protracted conflict in UkraineUK Ministry of Defense intelligence comments on Russia’s new electronic conscription law in its daily report on Twitter. Forced.

ISW: “Prigozhin creates the conditions to exploit the possibility of a Russian military failure”

Founder of Wagner’s private militia Yevgeny Prigozhin It creates the conditions for exploiting a potential Russian military failure if a counterattack is planned Ukraine You will be successful. Written by the American think tank in its latest report Isw (Institute for the Study of War) talks about a speech Prigozhin gave yesterday. Prigozhin stated that “the next counterattack Ukraine You are more likely to succeed than fail. He warned that Russia’s selfish “deep state” (which he defines as “a community of elites friendly to the state that operates independently of political leadership and has close ties and its own agenda”) is currently in crisis due to the failure of the federal army to achieve a quick victory, and Prigozhin accused members of This deep state, embedded in the Russian bureaucracy, will deliberately sabotage Russia’s success in the war, as they seek to regain their privileges and comfort. He then said that these “internal enemies” of Russia’s deep state would push the Kremlin to “make serious concessions,” which amounted to “betrayal of Russian interests.” “, including the possibility of giving back to Russia.Ukraine occupied Ukrainian territories,

Kiev: In Donetsk, the Russians attack every half hour

In Donetsk, according to the latest report by the Ukrainian General Staff, Russian attacks are launched every half hour, and heavy fighting continues in Bakhmut while there are no reports of attempts by Union forces to advance on the outskirts of the city. Ukrainian media reported this. The attacks focused in the past twenty-four hours in areas Lehman, Bakhmut, Avdiivka and Marin. In this morning’s update, the Ukrainian military claimed that 460 Russian soldiers lost their lives in yesterday’s battle, bringing the number of casualties among the Union forces to more than 181,550 soldiers killed.

One of the damaged buildings in Sloviansk

One of the damaged buildings in Sloviansk (AFP)

Lula from China: “The US must stop encouraging war”

The United States should stop “encouraging war” in Ukraine and “start talking about peace.” This is what the Brazilian president said Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva On an official visit to Beijing, Lula told reporters before leaving for the United Arab Emirates: “The United States should stop encouraging war and start talking about peace, and the European Union should start talking about peace.”


Beijing: “US sanctions against Chinese companies are illegal”

China “resolutely opposes” the sanctions imposed by the United States on some companies in Beijing because of their alleged ties with Russia. China’s Ministry of Commerce announced that Washington should immediately correct what it calls an “illegal act” and stop the “unreasonable suppression of Chinese companies”. Moreover, according to China, this step affects the security and stability of global supply chains.

From Poland “gradual delivery of MiG-29 fighters to Kiev”

Polish president Andrey Duda He said that his country will send MiG-29 fighters to Ukraine “in stages”, while Poland is waiting to refuel its air fleet with NATO planes. Polish Prime Minister Matthews Moravicki It said last month that Warsaw would be able to send only a limited number of fighter jets to Kiev.

Duda also announced that the Polish Armed Forces held negotiations with Lockheed Martin to discuss the production of new equipment for the Polish Army. Poland has so far supplied eight MiG-29s to Kiev and plans to send six more in the coming weeks.


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