The Russian-Ukrainian War, Today’s News May 24 | Military intelligence in Kiev: “We have weapons, and the counterattack will begin soon”

The Russian-Ukrainian War, Today’s News May 24 |  Military intelligence in Kiev: “We have weapons, and the counterattack will begin soon”

• Incursion from Ukraine into the Belgorod region. Russia: “They are nationalists who have infiltrated Russia.” But Kyiv denies any involvement
• Medvedev stops: «F-16s in Kiev are close to the end of the world»
• The death of Russian Deputy Minister Kucherenko in a plane crash after he criticized the invasion
• Three more months of detention for the American Wall Street Journal journalist, Ivan Gershkovitch, on charges of espionage
• Sentencing the human rights activist Bakhrom Khamroev to 14 years in prison

07:25 – The meaning of the Bulgorod raid: a psychological blow to Moscow

Reuters has come up with an interesting analysis of what Belgorod means for Russia’s military operations, according to The Guardian. Military analysts interviewed or quoted by the agency said the two-day raid from Ukraine to Russia’s western border could force the Kremlin to divert forces from the front line as Kiev prepares for a major counteroffensive and delivers a psychological blow to Moscow. Although Kiev has denied any role, the largest cross-border raid from Ukraine since Russia invaded 15 months ago was almost certainly coordinated with the Ukrainian military as it prepares to try to retake the area, according to experts. “The Ukrainians are trying to pull the Russians in different directions to create gaps. The Russians are being forced to send reinforcements, said Neil Melvin, an analyst at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI).

06:14 – Kremlin spokesman Peskov: “Russia will achieve its goals in Ukraine.”

05:10 am – BBC: “The United States distances itself from the Belgorod attacks”

The United States has distanced itself from attacks by armed groups near Belgorod, on Russian soil near the border with Ukraine, which Moscow says were carried out by Ukrainian terrorists. And he confirms it BBC Quoting a State Department spokesperson, Matthew Milleraccording to which Washington “neither encourages nor facilitates attacks inside Russia.”

The spokesperson said he was “sceptical” to reports and reconstructions on social media that the attackers were equipped with US-made vehicles, the BBC added. Kiev said it was not responsible for the attackswhich was allegedly carried out by Russian paramilitary groups opposing the president Russian President Vladimir Putin. Yesterday’s attacks resulted in the evacuation of an area Belgorod. A number of civilians were injured, and an 82-year-old woman died while fleeing, according to Moscow.

02:50 am – Moscow, drone hits car in Belgorod: no one hurt

The governor of the Belgorod region said that a drone with an explosive device hit a car on a street in Belgorod, and no one was hurt. Vyacheslav Gladkovon his Telegram channel.

02:30 – Ukraine, Chief of Military Intelligence: “We have weapons, and the counterattack will start soon”

Head of the Ukrainian Military Intelligence Kirillo Budanov he said in an interview with Japan Broadcasting Corporation according to Kyiv Independent that Ukraine has sufficient weapons and that the long-awaited counteroffensive will begin “soon”. Many civilians are still under Russian occupation and we can’t waste any more time. We already have the basic amount of weapons and other equipment. All I can say is that the counterattack will begin soon », emphasized the head of Kiev 007. Budanov added that Ukraine should “use all forces and means” to expel Russia from its territory, and that Larger stock of weapons and ammunition to continue this effort. By his estimation, 90% of Russian attacks on Ukrainian troop formations and logistics were intercepted, intended to hamper counterattack preparations.

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