Are you ready to fight the heat and drought? With this tool, you can avoid waste and save your plants while cutting your bills in half

Are you ready to fight the heat and drought?  With this tool, you can avoid waste and save your plants while cutting your bills in half
Gardena irrigation kit –

Between drought and anomalous temperatures, we no longer know what to expect from summer, year after year in fact, the water level of the national lands has dropped dramatically, leaving only areas far more arid than normal terrain.

To limit the damage, at least in your own garden, you can count on An intelligent system that allows you to water plants and flowers as desired. The system is called by Gardena and can be easily found on Amazon at a competitive price. This suite is ideal for all kinds of needs and can be operated via a home virtual assistant.

Smart Irrigation Control Sensor Kit It is, in fact, compatible with Alexa, HomeKit and Google Home, thanks to which its operation can be completely managed far. This range can easily replace traditional irrigation systems which require the installation of pipes into the ground and which require time and above all a lot of manpower.

Thanks to this solution, balconies can also be easily watered, without wasting water And the consequent flooding of the earth. The real revolution, then, lies in the fact that the installation of the collection takes place on the spot Ready to useliterally take it out of the box, put it on any threaded faucet and hook it up to your smartphone.

How to protect your garden from summer temperatures

The system consists of three devices, but only one is really necessary: portals. Without this piece, the entire system would not function and so a smart valve or sensor cannot be purchased just to measure soil temperature and humidity. The portal is essential because it will be the central hub for managing the system, which can then be expanded with other products Gardena.

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Irrigation without waste – (Source: freepik)

Pairing with your phone is very quick as you only need to frame a file QR codes Positioned below the gate with camera access for customization. The other two components make use of bluetooth connectivity and are powered by AA batteries and once the sensor is in the ground you can get started Test the product in a few moments.

To operate the irrigation kit you can take advantage of two methods, namely Assist Is that manual With it you will have complete freedom of choice in days, times and watering methods, creating an infinite number of programs that also make use of the sensor or weather control, to avoid wasting water and money.

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