Pope: celibacy? I’m not ready to see him again yet’ – Politics

Pope: celibacy?  I’m not ready to see him again yet’ – Politics

On the subject of priestly celibacy, Pope Francis repeats: “I am not yet ready to review it, but it is clear that it is a matter of discipline, which exists today and may not exist tomorrow, and has nothing to do with dogma.” The Pontiff stated this in an interview with the Argentine website Perfil, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of his pontificate, which was also relaunched through the Vatican news portal of the Holy See. Thus Francis specifies what he said two days ago in an interview with the other Argentine website Infobae about the fact that celibacy, as a “regime” and “temporary prescription”, can be reconsidered.

The wish for the future is “peace”: “Peace in tormented Ukraine and in all other countries suffering from the horror of war,” as the Pope said in an interview with Fatou Quotidiano on the tenth anniversary of his pontificate: “One thing that makes me suffer so much is the globalization of indifference, turning away and saying ‘what Who cares?” and “thinking that if we don’t make weapons for a year, hunger will end.”

Francis then speaks of corruption which “corrupts the soul”: “In the Church, as in politics and in society in general, we must always guard against the grave danger of corruption.” And about the mafia: “The mafia is excommunicated: they have blood money on their hands. They deal in weapons and drugs. They kill young people and society. They kill the future. We must be clear: in the church there is no place for gangsters!”

“It has already been more than a year since the war began in Ukraine. In February I was in Africa, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and South Sudan, and I saw the horrors of the conflicts in these two countries with the mutilation of people: the only thing that makes me suffer so much is the globalization of indifference – as Pope says -, turning away and saying: “What do I care? I am not interested! It’s not my problem! “.

Francis then quoted Senator Segre’s words: “When they asked Senator for Life Liliana Segre, a Holocaust survivor, what word she should write on platform 21 of the Milan station where trains departed for the Nazi concentration camps, she had no doubts and he said:” Indifference.” No one ever thought of that word.

In an interview with the Argentine newspaper La Nacion, published by Corriere, the Pope explained that the Vatican was working with a “service of peace”. He adds, “I am willing to go to Kiev. I want to go to Kiev. But on condition that I go to Moscow. I will go to both places or go nowhere.” “It is possible that there will be a global meeting of representatives of the world on this subject. There is also an Israeli group that is working on it. It is possible that different groups will meet and do something, right? The Vatican is working,” says the Pope.

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