Live Ukraine – British fighter jets intercept a Russian plane over Estonia. Media: “Moscow will recruit another 400,000 soldiers in April”

Live Ukraine – British fighter jets intercept a Russian plane over Estonia.  Media: “Moscow will recruit another 400,000 soldiers in April”

Russia’s proposal to suspend double taxation agreements

Russia can suspend double taxation agreements with all “unfriendly” countries, including Italy, by special presidential decree. This was written by Interfax, announcing that a proposal to this effect was put forward today by the Ministries of Finance and Foreign Affairs.

US senators are calling for F-16s to be sent to Ukraine

A bipartisan group of 8 senators is lobbying the Pentagon to send F-16s to Ukraine. In a letter to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, obtained by US newspaper Politico, eight senators write that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is “now at a critical juncture,” saying F-16 fighter jets could give Kiev an advantage while the all-encompassing invasion of Moscow. his second year. “After speaking at the Munich Security Conference last month with the leaders of the United States, Ukraine and foreigners working to support Ukraine — say senators — we believe the United States should carefully consider the supply of F-16s. This equipment could prove to be a game-changer in battlefield “. The senators asked Austin to provide an assessment by the end of the week on a number of factors needed to successfully fly the F-16s to Ukraine. Bipartisan efforts to get the Biden administration to send the F-16s, or to make it easier for other countries to send them to Ukraine, have been bolstered by assessments like those of Gen. Christopher Cavoli, the top US and NATO commander in Europe. Cavoli told lawmakers behind closed doors at the Munich Security Conference last month that sending advanced weapons, including F-16s and long-range missiles, could help bolster Ukraine’s defences.

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Damage to civilian infrastructure in Kharkiv

Russian forces hit civilian infrastructure in the Kharkiv region, and an investigation of the damage is not yet clear. Kharkiv Governor Oleg Synigubov wrote on a telegram. No injuries have been recorded so far. On-site emergency services. The extent of the damage is verified.

Tajani: “Caution is required to avoid a confrontation between NATO and Russia”

“The risk in a moment of great tension is that due to human error there could be an accident leading to an escalation. This is why great care must be taken for those involved on NATO borders, but also with regard to Russian pilots. Direct confrontation, even if isolated, must be avoided. between NATO and Russia. This is how the Foreign Minister, Antonio Tajani, gave an interview on Sky TG24, after a US drone crashed in the Black Sea in a collision with a Russian plane.

Michel: “For the EU, there is no equal distance between the United States and China”

For the European Union, “there is no equal distance between the United States and China,” because the Europeans are “loyal allies” of Washington. The People’s Republic is a “reality”, a “major player” in the international arena, and we must “stand straight” in front of it. This was stated by the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, speaking at the plenary session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

Michel: “They used a historical ally, but the dialogue must take place with China”

On the subject of competitiveness “We have to work in the long term. We need to speed up capital market union and work on innovation, as we need to do more and better. The third point is the issue of trade. For several years, trade has been a sacred point for the European Union, and a powerful driver: today, however, we find it increasingly difficult to see the application of trade agreements.” This was stated by the President of the Council of the European Union, Charles Michel, in the European Parliament. “There is no equal distance between the United States And China, we are a historical and loyal ally of the former. At the same time, China is a reality, an important player. That is why, on the one hand, we must look China in the eye in defense of core values, a commitment to reduce dependencies in the European Union, and dialogue with Beijing on global issues, from climate change to health.

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Russian MiG takes off from Belarus: air alert over Ukraine

Weather warnings sounded over all regions of Ukraine after a Russian MiG-31K took off from Belarus. This was reported by the Belarusian Gayon monitoring group, as reported by UNIAN.

Michel: “No step for Russia towards peace”

Russian forces have been dropping between 20,000 and 50,000 grenades a day in recent months. Ukraine needs ammunition and that’s why we worked on Estonia’s proposal to support the supply of ammunition to Ukraine. We would like to see an escalation towards peace, but Russia did not prevent that for the sake of war. We need a decision from the aggressor, but we do not see any steps from the Kremlin and continue to fight for peace. We support President Zelensky’s proposal for peace.” EU Council President Charles Michel told the European Parliament.

12 missile attacks and 40 Russian air strikes in 24 hours

In the past 24 hours, Russia has launched 12 missile attacks on Ukraine, 40 airstrikes, as well as more than 100 missiles from multiple launchers, causing casualties and damage in Kramatorsk and Donetsk states, according to the general’s morning assessment. Staff of the Combined Forces in Kiev, quoted by the Kiev Independent. The bombing of Zatoka, the Odessa region, Ivanivka and the Kherson region caused damage to the infrastructure, including a nursery school. Kiev claims to have repelled 90 enemy attacks and targeted nine temporary Russian bases, three anti-aircraft defense systems and three Moscow command posts on its territory.

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Russian media: Moscow will recruit another 400,000 soldiers, starting in April

From April 1, Russia will start a new recruitment for contract troops, and the Ministry of Defense has sent orders to the regions indicating how many people they will have to enroll: Russian regional media write that a total of 400 thousand contract soldiers should join the armed forces. Army according to the plans of the Union Ministry of Defense. This was reported by the Radio Svoboda website. According to the Versatka newspaper, the registration and enlistment offices are trying to compensate for the losses of the Russian army.

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