Ukraine-Russia war, news of May 1 | Aircraft alert in many cities, including in Kiev. Moscow removes General Mezentsev as the “butcher of Mariupol”.

Ukraine-Russia war, news of May 1 |  Aircraft alert in many cities, including in Kiev.  Moscow removes General Mezentsev as the “butcher of Mariupol”.

• Moscow dismisses General Mezentsev, the “butcher of Mariupol,” in charge of logistics. In his place is Alexei Kuzmenkov.
• Arresting saboteurs on Russian railways: the battle behind the lines.
• Wagner: «A kilometer and a half and we take Bakhmut».
• Kiev bombing Bryansk region in Russia.

05:46am – Holy See Peace Mission, deported children and meeting with Kirill: What Pope Francis has to say about Ukraine

(Jian Guido Vicky) «At these meetings, we did not talk about Little Red Riding Hood … Everyone is interested in peace in Ukraine. I am willing to do whatever needs to be done. Now a job in progress. It hasn’t been published yet, I’ll let you know when it’s public.” Flight AZ4001 took off about ten minutes ago when Francesco joined the journalists who had followed him on the three days in Budapest.

– Pope Francis at the end of his visit to Hungary (ANSA).

05:02 – explosions in Kiev, anti-aircraft defense in action

A series of eruptions have been reported Kyiv, according to the Ukrainian media report. The head of the presidential office, Andrei Yermak, said that the anti-aircraft defense is working. The military administration of the Ukrainian capital urged residents to stay in shelters. The air raid alert in the city went off around 3.40 and has been active for a long time.

04:31 AM – Military Point | 66 Ukrainian saboteurs arrested for attacks on Russian railways: the battle behind the lines

(Written by Andrea Marinelli and Guido Olympio) Sabotage against the railways in Russia, the elimination of collaborators, the unconfirmed “accidents” in the war industries: these are various episodes telling of the other war, the one behind the lines against Moscow. For months, Russia’s railway network has been affected by the disruption, a repeat of what happened in Belarus, one of the military’s logistical back lines. These actions covered 21 regions and led to the arrest of 66 people, most of them young men.

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03:56 – Bobo: «I’m not going to Moscow anymore. But not controversial

After the disagreements of the last days, he turned: Bobo will no longer go to Moscow, to the “patriotic” festival the way to Yalta, where he was supposed to be the judge and super host.

03:47 a.m. – Airplane alert over large parts of Ukraine, including Kiev

New night of fear in Ukraine. L’Air raid alert It was released in the early hours of the day in large parts of Ukraine, including in Kiev. Local media reported it. Last night, Russian forces bombed the city of Orekhiv, Zaporizhye Oblast.

03:24 a.m. – Moscow removes General Mezentsev, the ‘Butcher of Mariupol’

The Russian army replaced the highest-ranking general in charge of logistics, ahead of the expected counterattack from Kiev. The confirmation comes after days of rumors about the general’s dismissal Mikhail MezentsevKnown as the “Butcher of Mariupol” for his role in the siege of the port city a year earlier.

The Russian Defense Ministry said Alexei Kuzmenkov, a former National Guard official, had replaced Mezentsev. “Kuzmenkov has been appointed to the post of Deputy Minister of Defense of Russia, responsible for logistical support of the armed forces,” the statement said. However, the reasons for Mizintsev’s replacement after only seven months on the job were not established.

02.50am – Explosions have been felt in the Russian-occupied city of Berdyansk near Zaporizhia

02:39 am – Wagner: “We miss a kilometer and a half to catch Bakhmut.”

“Our fighters have to travel a kilometer and a half to the urban area to liberate them Bakhmut (in Artemovsk, Russia) A soldier from Wagner’s special militia told the Russian state agency RIA Novosti. “The front line is getting closer and closer (to the western outskirts of the city). The Ukrainian army is one and a half kilometers away, adding that his unit managed to storm a building with residential buildings behind the railway line, which divides the city into two parts. The mansions are located on a hill from which the Ukrainian army monitored and corrected fire on the Wagner assault groups. He added that gunmen from Kiev have so far controlled the building of the medical institute located at the highest point in western Bakhmut.

01:26 – Kiev: “The enemy fails to control Bakhmut”

Despite achieving many victories, the Russian Armed Forces “failed to capture a city” Bakhmut. Deputy Defense Minister Anna Maliar wrote on Telegram. “The enemy continues its attack towards Bakhmut, and fierce fighting continues even in the city itself. “The enemy failed to take control of Bakhmut, despite throwing all its resources into battle and achieving some success,” said Malyar.

– Ukrainian soldier in a trench near Bakhmut (AFP)

00:24 – explosion in Pavlograd, Dnipropetrovsk region

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