Father, mother and one year old daughter. The truth that emerged from smart phones

Father, mother and one year old daughter.  The truth that emerged from smart phones

What was found in smart phone Can help rebuild one Tragedy, but not completely. There are still things that, after more than six months, are no longer in a single drama familyAnd the Destroyed by the desert heat.

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Family annihilation of the tragedy of August

It was on August 15 last year when Jonathan Gresh, 45, and his wife, Elaine, 35, decided to go for a walk in the Sierra Nevada, in the California desert. Together, their 1-year-old daughter Migo, and the dog Auskie. Despite their experience as hikers, the couple decided to tour the Sierra Nevada but brought very little water, only two and a half liters. This is the first element that is difficult to explain. Jonathan and Elaine underestimated not only the heat, but the changes in elevation and the changing terrain along the way.

A family perishes in the heat in the desert

The babysitter was alerted, fearing that they would not return from the short vacation they had planned. The bodies were found two days later, all a few meters away except for Jonathan and Migo, with the little girl who died in her father’s arms. Investigations began, but as the weeks passed, all the investigators’ most divergent hypotheses began to fall apart, leaving room for the most banal: the heat, which was about 40 degrees Celsius, combined with a lack of water, devastated the beds.

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A family annihilated, reconstructing a tragedy from a smartphone

To reconstruct the dynamics of the tragedy, investigators analyzed the smartphone of Jonathan Grech. From photos taken to phone calls made before death was found, the items in the device made it possible to pinpoint key moments in the drama. The family starts walking a little after 7 in the morning, and until 11 in the morning everything seems to be going well: Jonathan first records a video, and then takes six photos, including two selfies of the family.
Things are getting worse 11 years later, as confirmed by a text message sent by Jonathan: “Can you help us? We are on the Savage Lundy Trail heading for the Hites Trail. And no hot water with the baby.” The message, however, does not start, because there is no field.
Even after a quarter of an hour has passed, Jonathan tries to initiate a call but still no reception. At 12.25 another panoramic photo is taken, possibly to try and text it to provide the position. Three more connection attempts follow within three minutes, but without success. What the investigators fail to understand, however, is that Jonathan called acquaintances and never called 911 911 numbers.

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