Ukraine, Russia’s blockade of Solidar with the Wagner Group. Ukrainians: “We no longer count the dead”

Ukraine, Russia’s blockade of Solidar with the Wagner Group.  Ukrainians: “We no longer count the dead”

The agency quoted the Moscow Defense Ministry RIA NovostiRussian airborne forces surrounded Ukrainian forces in the Ukrainian town solidar, in Donbass, and now they are allegedly being bombed. According to Moscow, the city will be closed to the north and south. The “seriousness” of the situation is confirmed by the testimony of a Ukrainian soldier from the 46th Mobile Air Brigade: V.I CNN He explained that the death toll is now so high that “No one counts the dead”. Then he admitted: «The situation is critical. Hard. We are sticking to the last minute.” But he added, “Everyone understands that the city will be abandoned. Everyone understands this. I just want to understand why (the house-to-house fighting). Why die, if we’re going to leave them today or tomorrow anyway? What was our home today becomes Wagner’s the next.”

Indeed, the latest statements follow what has already been claimed by Russian mercenaries Wagner Group. Yevgeny Prigozhin“a cook put it inYesterday he announced in Telegram: “Units of the private military company Wagner have taken the entire territory of Solidar under their control. The city center was surrounded and an urban war was fought. The number of prisoners will be announced tomorrow ». But the Ukrainian army denied this. The representative of the Eastern Group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine responded, “The Russians say that Solidar is under their control, that is not true.” Serhiy Sharifati as he says Ukraineska Pravda. “It seems that Prigozhin’s location is incorrect, and he is not in the Solidar mines,” he said. Kyiv. In response, said the Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov He said Russia was “in no hurry” to declare victory at Solidar. “We are waiting for the official reports, but there is a positive dynamic in development,” RIA Novosti quoted him as saying.

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Strategic goal

Yesterday, January 10th, Chief Zelensky Said it in Soledar e Bakhmut The Ukrainian army stopped Confrontation Russian attacks. Prigozhin spoke of his group, not the “Russian army,” in connection with the invasion. Which indicates the vanguard role of the battalion in the war. Also, there is likely to be a race to see who takes the lead in the offensive in the wake of Lapine’s appointment as head of the land army. news agency Reuters It shows that Solidar’s grip is formidable salt mineswill have symbolic, military and commercial value for flies. The mines are located on the outskirts of the city. the United State They argued that Prigozhin could gain personal control over resources. Kyiv had said earlier that its army was still standing. Resist the onslaught of the Russian forces, and strive for the first battlefield victory in months.

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