Zelensky’s time factor: Why the F-16s need at least 6 months to use | military point

Zelensky’s time factor: Why the F-16s need at least 6 months to use |  military point

time factor In the plans of the two leaders. Volodymyr Zelensky He is convinced – and cannot do otherwise – that his forces will eventually succeed in the offensive. Russian President Vladimir Putin He is sure – or bets – that the enemy will crash into his well-protected “strongholds”. Visions that, in turn, form alignments between those who study the crisis. From expert to witty, with whimsical explanations.

in this sentence The pessimist prevails Re-launched by Washington Post: The attack is too slow, Kiev does not have many options, and the losses are colossal compared to the gains. the Wall Street JournalAnd, in turn, repeat it The struggle is likely to be very long. On the other hand, there are those who continue to nurture hopes, believing that everything has not yet been decided and they remember how War campaigns do not end in a week And sometimes, not even in a few months.

Meanwhile, Ukraine is trying to maintain the initiative in any case, or in any case, responding blow by blow. king Zelensky promised to avenge the Chernihiv massacre Triggered by a missile attack by the invaders: words that could lead to violent action or surprise as in the past after other massacres.

Meanwhile his men set out Drones along many roadswith inconsistent results. South raid was thwarted He flies The authorities forced the temporary suspension of flights at the two airports in the capital. Other actions occurred in Kursk, Belgorod, Rostov. According to Russian sources, electronic countermeasures (or anti-aircraft batteries) stopped the aircraft before it reached its targets.

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More exciting Raid on the Soltsey base675 km from the Ukrainian border: T22 bomber destroyed, another damaged. Carrying out a long-range mission with materials produced “in-house”, similar to those that have been repeatedly launched into the Black Sea by explosive boats. These are operations that do not change fronts, but serve to undermine the security of the attackers.

the He hits It precedes and waits Penetration on F-16sas Denmark and the Netherlands officially begin the future Supply of 42 fighters. However, this is only the first step: the experience calls for caution regarding the speed of the program as well as respecting the schedules.

In addition to sending planes, pilots need to be trained, prepare teams for maintenance, and establish a support chain, with spare parts and centers where you can “help” the aircraft to safety. Some forecasts assume a time window of At least six monthsThe period during which anything can happen.

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