Lisa, the girl who was killed by missiles in Vinnytsia, became a symbol of the massacre of Russians

Lisa, the girl who was killed by missiles in Vinnytsia, became a symbol of the massacre of Russians
From Greta Privetera

She was on her way home from speech therapy class with her mother when she was kicked out of her fuchsia stroller. Lisa was a girl with Down syndrome who was only four years old.

Of all the massacres of civilians in Ukraine, we find it difficult to remember the name of the city in which it took place, the number of dead, or the number of dead – always a lot. We remember the frame more easily, the details that stay in our mind as a reminder of what war really means. From the attack on Mariupol Children’s Hospital, in memory there is the pregnant girl running down the stairs; of missiles on Kramatorsk railway station We see the bodies of lifeless travelers among the abandoned wagons. from the explosions Thursday, July 14 in Vinnytsiaa city in central Ukraine, very far from the front line, where 23 people were killed, including three childrenwe will remember the fuchsia stroller lying on the ground, muddy, with gray tennis shoes next to it.

This stroller belongs to Lisa, a four-year-old girl with Down syndrome. Until 10.49, he was sitting on it, and as you can see from the Instagram stories of his mother Ira, 32, he would now and then ask to get off: he wanted to push him. They were returning from the speech therapy center they frequented when, from a submarine in the Black Sea, Russian cruise missiles hit a shopping complex and destroyed the cars in the parking lot. At 10.50 a.m., Liz was thrown from her cart in fuchsia and died. Ira is in the intensive care unit.

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Ira’s Instagram account is dedicated to the story of her young daughter Lisa. In the profile picture, you can see the mother and daughter with the Ukraine flag painted on their faces, and in almost every picture there is Lisa pictured at a moment in the day. While he is playing, he holds a flower next to his dog. There are also stories about these months of war which meant there was no school or speech therapy for them. Each Letter Unlimited Love Letter: I have big plans for my life, for yours and for our lives together; With you I learned unconditional love. Can you fall in love all the time? Now that they are starting to leave the house and enjoy normal life again, Lisa is gone.

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