Peru, President Castillo attempts a coup: Parliament expels him and he is arrested. Vice President Dina Boulwart swears: She is the first female head of state

Peru, President Castillo attempts a coup: Parliament expels him and he is arrested.  Vice President Dina Boulwart swears: She is the first female head of state

At the end of a long tug-of-war between the executive and legislative branches, the Peruvian parliament ousted the president in an emergency measure Pedro Castillo. Parliament, however, has precipitated the procedure Isolation for the “moral impotence”, which was to be voted on today. After the vote impeached Castillo, the Vice President was called Dina Polwartas required by the Constitution, and thus became the first lady to hold a position President of the Republic In the history of Peru. In her inaugural address, after she was sworn in on the constitution, President Poluarte appealed to “the unity of all Peruvians”, and demanded “political truce“for the purpose of”Formation of a national unity government». President Bulwart declared: “I consciously assume this roleHuge responsibility Who predicts the turn and with deep conviction that it is necessary to resume the path Economic growth Based onSocial integrationand based on political reform Needed by the country: it will be the first measure Addressing corruption in all its forms». and Boulwart, after recalling his humble origins, finally affirms his willingness to commit himself to ensuring that “no one and the excluded will ever again have a part in the country”. Apparently, the new President Bulwart, before being called to the oath, distanced herself from Castillo: «I reject Pedro Castillo’s decision to commit a rupture of the constitutional order by closing Congress. It is a coup that exacerbates the political crisis and institutions that Peruvian society will have to overcome in strict compliance with the law.” Meanwhile, The Peruvian Attorney General’s Office has arrested former President Castillo who have taken refuge in the county seat a fileWhere he fled with his family and the former prime minister, Anibal TorresAnd after announcing the dissolution of the House of Representatives, announcing the emergency government, and calling for new legislative elections.

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Castillo’s speech to the nation and vote to reject Parliament

During that day, Castillo attempted to circumvent the motion of no confidence in him by announcing his intention to dissolve Parliament, prompting a reaction from the Constitutional Court and the resignation of a large portion of his executives. As announced by the President A state of Emergency across the country and introduce curfew Tonight, to force residents to stay home and suspend all activities. However, Peru’s Supreme Court immediately intervened, describing Castillo’s action as an attempt to “coup d’état». However, Parliament met in the following hours to vote to remove the President due to “permanent moral incapacity”. The proposal was approved with 101 votes in favorAnd the 6 vs And the 10 abstentions. Castillo had justified his decision Parliament dissolvedarguing that “the balance of power has failed,” and declaring the intent to do so Holding legislative elections the next day 9 monthswith theThe goal of reforming the Peruvian constitution: «The next parliament that will be elected must have foundational functions to reform the country’s constitution».

The Peruvian president also asked citizens in possession of weapons to hand them over to local authorities within 72 hours, declaring that “from today until the creation of the new parliament, He will rule the country by decree». Immediately after the statements of the Andean Head of State, there was a barrage of resignations from government ministers, starting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Cesar LandaAnd then the Minister of Labor follows, Alejandro SalasMinister of Economy , Curt Borneothat justice, Felix Shero Minister of Culture, Sylvana Robles. However, yesterday the Minister of Defense, Gustave BobbioCommander-in-Chief of the Peruvian Army, Walter Cordova AlemanShe was going to tender their resignations — but it wasn’t official yet. But not only. Shortly before the vote, the head of the Peruvian government resigned, Betsy Chavez.

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Who is Pedro Castillo and why was he accused

Castillo, a former teacher from rural Peru and ex-union member, was elected president in July 2021, after winning the presidential election, defeating exponential. Keiko Fujimoriwith a narrow advantage. Castillo is currently under investigation by the Attorney General on six lines of investigation, five of which are Alleged acts of corruption. Castillo accused the opposition, as well as the judiciary, of wanting to remove him from the first day he took office, and clashed with Peru’s attorney general, Patricia BenavidesWho says he orchestrated a “coup” against his presidency. In October, Attorney Benavides filed a lawsuit Constitutional complaint against the President of Peru, based on three of the six investigations opened by his office. The charges against Castillo relate to his alleged leadership of a “criminal organization” to profit from state contracts and obstruct investigations.

The complaint in question allowed Congress to conduct its own investigation against the sitting president. In a motion put forward by the opposition last week, a vote was requested – under Article 113 of the Peruvian constitution – to impeach the President of Peru. Why “morally inappropriate». It was the third attempt to impeach the president since he took office in July 2021. “They intend to torpedo democracy and ignore our people’s right to choose,” Castillo said during a public event. Furthermore, Castillo called the accusations against him “slanderous”, and accused center-right opposition groups of “taking advantage of and appropriating the power that the people have taken from them at the ballot box: I repeat, I am not corrupt”.

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