The war, after three months «20% of Ukraine is already Putin». Frost in the Kremlin on Italian peace

The war, after three months «20% of Ukraine is already Putin».  Frost in the Kremlin on Italian peace

there Russia Occupied in three months of war About 20% of the land Ukrainian, equivalent to 125,000 square kilometres. And although Moscow has, on several occasions, slowed its advance in an attempt to restore its forces, Kyiv is now facing difficulty, with immediate and long-term needs. For this on Earth, the second ForbesThere has been a noticeable growth in the achievements made Kremlin.

Putin, former head of British services: “The Tsar will fall by 2023 and then enter the hospital in a hospital for the sick”

On February 23, a day before the invasion, the area of ​​the occupied territories was 43,300 square meters. This has practically tripled in the hands of Russia. “The Ukrainians are doing a great job but the situation in Donbass, from a military point of view, has become very difficult,” is the message that comes from NATO, where they also make it clear that it is “necessary” that the alliance or individual member states continue to supply arms to Ukraine.

advanced mediation
In this scenario, the path to mediation is increasingly arduous. Moscow received the peace plan presented by Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio to the United Nations, but it did not seem to be well received. At the moment, received the rejection of former Russian President Medvedev. “It is a stream of pure consciousness separated from reality: Donbass and Crimea will never return to Kyiv,” said the deputy head of the Russian Security Council, who said that the plan was drawn up on the basis of the lies of the Ukrainians. But the Kremlin is retreating: “We haven’t seen that yet,” said spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

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The attention of the tsar’s forces is now concentrated in the Vasylivka district of Zaporizhzhia and the fighting does not seem to stop, as the Russians bombard the Dnipropetrovsk railway. On the ground, the battle continues to rage in the Donbass, where elite units of Spetsnats and Wagner contractors have come to lend a helping hand to Putin’s soldiers who are focused on occupying the entire Lugansk region. In the center of the offensive remains the strategic center of Severodonetsk, surrounded from three directions. For Governor Serhi Gedayi, it was too late for the flight of nearly 15,000 stranded civilians. “At this point – he said – I will no longer say: get out, leave. Now I will say: stay in a shelter. Because such a density of bombings will not allow us to go and get people.” He explained that the enemy forces focused their efforts on the operation to encircle the twin cities of Lysichansk and Severodonetsk, separated by the Seversky Donetsk River.

A pliers maneuver is currently underway in the field to try to cut off the Ukrainian supply lines, and check the main roads for links to the west, while the carpet bombing continues, killing at least 7 civilians and wounding 10 more within 24 hours. “Now – said the spokesman of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Oleksandr Motozyanek – we are observing the most active phase of the aggression.”
The Russian campaign continues in the rest of the country with new raids on the Mykolaiv and Dnipro regions. In the areas already occupied, Russia, meanwhile, is trying to tighten its grip. In Mariupol, army engineers and specialists from the Black Sea Fleet completed demining operations in the coastal strip and the port, where, according to the Moscow defense, 12,000 explosives and weapons were found. Reclamation is also affecting Azovstal, while the leader of the pro-Russian separatists in Donetsk, Denis Pushilin, has announced that a military trial of captured Ukrainian fighters after leaving the fortification plant is being prepared and that representatives of many countries, including Westerners, will be invited to the hearings. The presence is also planned to be strengthened in Kherson, where the deputy head of the new pro-Kremlin administration, Kirill Strimosov, announced that he would ask Moscow to set up a military base.

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Soldiers under the legal age
As the battle intensifies, Putin still has to deal with exhausted and demoralized troops. Another brigade, this time from the Air Force, was killed in eastern Ukraine: a Stinger missile hit the plane of General Potashov, which was at war despite his retirement since 2013. It seems, then, that to introduce new troops into the camp, the president is ready to send the palace to Ukraine to support the invasion. On the website of the Kyiv government appears a document proving the decision of the Russian leaders to implement the order “On regulating the involvement of members of the Unarmiya National Military Movement in the conduct of a special operation on the territory of Ukraine”. Which witnesses the signing of Moscow Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

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