How much will they rise in a short time – time

How much will they rise in a short time – time

There is still no cure for Covid 19, and the vaccine reaches the third dose from the moment the only solution is to eradicate the infection. This was reiterated by the Director of the Mario Negri Institute, Professor Giuseppe Remuzzi as a guest in “Onda”, in the episode Tuesday 28 December. the professor. Clarifies the situation on viruses, smears and quarantine too. Molecular is certainly safer than antigenic but experts call common sense at this point that the omicron variant – of which very little is known – may cause infections and nodose to start. It is useless to swab 4/5 days before contact with a positive achieved but at the same time it is also useful to undergo a quick do-it-yourself one that is sold in pharmacies. “There are false positives when the viral load is very low,” explains the professor. “Science is not the Bible. If someone tells you they have certainty, don’t believe in it,” repeats Remuzzi, praised by conductors Concita de Gregorio and David Parenzo for his keen clarity. Was the problem with the wrong connection? Asks Di Gregorio but the most prominent director of the Mario Negri Institute: “In Italy communications may be wrong but vaccinate 90% of the population, which is an exceptional result … let alone if the communications were a mistake we did better than the United States.”

A clear and also clear passage on the third dose and about the need to do so in the face of peak inflammation caused by the Omicron variant. “The third recall of the vaccine protects against severe forms and hospitalization. I find it inconceivable – says the doctor – that I end up in the intensive care of a disease we can prevent.” Hence the terrifying predictions of how the number of infections will rise in the short term: “In a few days we will reach 120,000 injuries – he announces – so if we maintain the current rules, the majority of people end up in isolation and the country is paralyzed. They realized this in the US and UK. , and used common sense. We did something right to protect ourselves from infection, but now it makes sense to take 10-5 days of quarantine and not do it at all for those who have received the third dose. Policy should take into account society, hospitals and producers in economic activities. Worse Something after illness is poverty.”

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