Cyberpunk 2077, will the first expansion be presented at Gamescom? CD Projekt RED Denies –

Cyberpunk 2077, will the first expansion be presented at Gamescom?  CD Projekt RED Denies –

CD Projek RED contains files to reject Presence expansion From Cyberpunk 2077 movie at Gamescom 2022. In Cologne, Vincenzo Lettera had the opportunity to speak directly with Alessandro Fileni, Director of Public Relations for the development studio, who stated:

There will be several CD Projek RED representatives at Gamescom, but this time we’re not in Cologne to show off our video game.

It is possible that CD Projekt RED will conduct other work within the German gallery and can still discuss its work behind closed doors with some insiders, but there will be no public presentation. Too bad, because in this case the hopes were fed by an official post from the Polish developer.

original news
the first expansion From Cyberpunk 2077 movie It will be submitted to Gamescom 2022? This is what a slightly swiped on the sly post from CD Projekt RED suggests, which was posted three or four days ago in the game’s official profile.

“Wann Cyberpunk Expansion?” , the Polish development team wrote, i.e. “When is Cyberpunk 2077 expanded?” In Germany. An obvious reference for sure, when there are only a few hours left until the Cologne fair opens with a live nightly opening by Jeff Kelly.

Set in 2023, Cyberpunk 2077’s first (and only, according to some rumors) expansion will tell new stories set in Night City, the futuristic city that is the backdrop to the game’s campaign.

Expected display Downloadable content It will also be used and above all to relaunch the prices of CD Projekt RED, which has lost 66% of its capital since the launch of Cyberpunk 2077, in particular due to the problems encountered by consoles.

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