The American soldier who wounded and killed a 15-year-old was drunk: ‘Levels are four times higher than the maximum allowed’

The American soldier who wounded and killed a 15-year-old was drunk: ‘Levels are four times higher than the maximum allowed’

The American soldier who ran over and killed the 15-year-old Giovanni Zannier At night between Saturday and Sunday a porciain the province of Pordenone, she was drunk. This is what emerged from the analyzes carried out with the alcohol test, which found a BAC of 2.09, well 4 times higher than the maximum allowed by law (0.5). Details exacerbate her position while remaining accused of committing murders in the street. According to international treaties and precedents of interest to Italy and the United States, the 20-year-old army stationed in Aviano Base It can be judged, in the event the judges decide on an indictment, in your country.

The Presidential Decree No. 1666 of the 1951 Convention applies Giovanni Grunchi. (December 2, 1956). Actions against NATO and the US military follow two ways. If crimes committed by the military are challenged in the performance of their servicethe jurisdiction of the United States stabilizes it automatic. In the case of public crimes, which are not related to the role of the military, as in the case of street murder, they are: Italian Minister’s College Justice for choosing to renounce the exercise of jurisdiction. In similar cases, the US authorities were a Apply through diplomatic channels. Then the procedure included the Ministry of Justice from the political point of view, and from the judicial side the Public Prosecutor’s Office referred to by the competent Public Prosecutor’s Office. In this case, the Prosecutor of Pordenone will be headed by Rafael Tito, which deals with crimes committed in Aviano, home of 31. Fighter Wing. The last word from the Keeper of the Seals.

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If you look at previous episodes, explained by many experts who spoke in the press, it is difficult to remember one in which the trial took place in Italy. For the 1998 Cermes massacre, when an American plane, flying without permission at a very low altitude, cut cable car cables killing 20 people, then Captain Richard J. Ashby, who was driving, and his navigator were tried in the United States and acquitted. the case cermis It was part of a series of crimes against the military who cut cable car cables with their planes: they were tried in the United States. Instead, Colonel Joseph Romano The kidnapping of Al-Masry Abu Omar (23 CIA agents), which took place in 2003, was convicted by the Italian judiciary due to the fact that he was contested. It was not a criminal offense in the United States. In 2002, there is an example contrary to the historical trend, due above all to the seriousness and brutality of the crime committed. A pilot from the same base in Aviano, along with three Albanian nationals, was accused of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl. However, the then Minister of Justice signed a waiver of the trial in Italy, and then the decision was overturned thanks to the protests of the girl’s lawyer.

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