Ukraine – Russia, news of today’s war: “The bombs on the hospital are a war crime.” Today, Lavrov-Kuliba meet in Antalya

Ukraine – Russia, news of today’s war: “The bombs on the hospital are a war crime.”  Today, Lavrov-Kuliba meet in Antalya
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Latest news in real time: the world condemns the attack on Mariupol Children’s Hospital. UNICEF is talking about a million runaway children. Today, the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and Russia are meeting

• The The war between Russia and Ukraine On the fifteenth day. Despite the difficulties, the advance of the Russian army is proceeding simultaneously in three directions. But why has Moscow not yet managed to gain air supremacy? Experts have offered several explanations.

• Today in Paris the European Extraordinary Council, while in Antalya, Turkey, Turkish Foreign Minister Lavrov and his Ukrainian counterpart Kuleba met for the first time

• Courier A . started Private newsletter One product sequence On the war in Ukraine one Subscribe to help victims. Below, live news.

5.26 – Sumy bombing: A thirteen-year-old boy and two women were killed

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and the Guardian newspaper said that Russian raids were launched at night on the city of Okhtyrka in the Sumy region in northeastern Ukraine, killing a 13-year-old boy and two women.

4.29 a.m. – The United States of America, the first Congressional approval of 14 billion dollars for Ukraine

The first green light from the US Congress for an aid package totaling nearly $14 billion for Ukraine. The House approved the budget with a total of nearly $1.5 trillion to spend through September, less than 48 hours before the deadline. Now the Senate must approve the spending.

3.26 – Ukraine, the government opens a website to document Russia’s violations

The Ukrainian government registered a domain and created a platform ( with the aim of collecting and processing information and documents relating to human rights violations committed by the Russian Federation during the war in Ukraine. This was announced by the chief of staff of the President Andrei Yermak, according to reports from the Kyiv Independent newspaper. “The facts collected will be used as evidence to defend and represent Ukraine in the European Court of Human Rights and the International Court of Justice. By his decree, President Volodymyr Zelensky has already allowed officials to represent and defend Ukraine’s interests at the United Nations’ International Court of Justice in the case against Russia on charges of genocide. He stressed that there will be other cases of this kind.

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2.36 a.m. – Sony halts shipment of PlayStation to Russia

Japanese electronics giant Sony has announced that it has halted all shipments of PlayStation consoles and video games to Russia, joining a growing list of companies severing ties with Russia after the military operation launched from Moscow in Ukraine. Sony also donated $2 million to UNHCR and Save the Children to support war victims.

2.16 – Zelensky: “Only yesterday 35 thousand people were evacuated from Ukraine”

“Around 35,000 civilians were evacuated from Ukrainian cities yesterday alone.” This was stated by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

2.10 – Twitter launches a service on the dark web to beat the Russian blockade

Twitter launched a privacy-protecting version of social media to bypass surveillance and censorship after Russia blocked access to Facebook and restricted Twitter in an effort to stem the flow of information about its war in Ukraine. Both companies said they are working to restore access to citizens in Russia. Users can access this version of Twitter if they download the Tor Browser.

2:00 AM – American sources: Between 5 and 6 thousand Russian soldiers were killed and about 15 thousand were wounded

Between 5,000 and 6,000 Russian soldiers were killed in action in the first two weeks of the conflict in Ukraine. This was stated by an American source, which was reported by CBS. According to the American official, the number of wounded in the Moscow army ranges from 15 thousand to 18 thousand. The source described the losses as “very, very large.”

1.56 – US Vice President Kamala Harris arrives in Poland

US Vice President Kamala Harris has arrived in Warsaw, where she will hold talks in the next few hours with Polish President Andrzej Duda and Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. The meetings focused on the issue of transferring Polish planes to Ukraine, which the Pentagon said a few hours ago was out of the question at the present time. In Poland, Harris will also meet with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who is in the country.

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1.55 pm – USA: “Dreamful consequences if China does not respect the sanctions imposed on Russia.”

“Any country that does not adhere to US restrictions on exports to Russia will pay a heavy price, including China.” US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo said on CNN that the Biden administration is prepared, for example, to cut China off from US or European supplies and programs needed to produce semiconductors. “We will prosecute any company, wherever it is, in China or anywhere else, that violates the rules. So we expect that China will not violate the rules, and if it does, there will be consequences,” he said.

1.46 – Waiting for Biden and Erdogan’s call

US President Joe Biden will have a phone conversation with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to discuss the latest developments in the war in Ukraine. This was stated by the White House in a note. The note said the phone call is scheduled to take place from the Oval Office on the morning of Thursday, March 10, in the early afternoon in Italy.

1.23 am – Ukrainian army: “Russia does not abandon plans to encircle Kyiv”

Russia “does not give up its plans to encircle” the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv. This was confirmed by the Ukrainian army in the latest update on the developments of the battle. In the memo reported by the BBC, the chief of staff of the Ukrainian army confirmed that its “defensive forces are repelling and repelling the” Russian attack “in all directions”.

1.10 am – White House warns: “Russia could use chemical weapons.”

The White House warned of the dangers of being Russia “uses chemical weapons” in Ukraine. In a tweet denying the Russian Foreign Ministry’s allegations that the United States is developing chemical and biological weapons in Ukraine on the border with Russia as “false,” White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki stressed that “we must all be vigilant for Russia.” Using chemical weapons, or expecting Moscow to use them to create a pretext, is a clear pattern.”

0.01 a.m. – The International Monetary Fund has approved $1.4 billion in aid to Ukraine

The International Monetary Fund has approved a $1.4 billion emergency aid package for Ukraine. It can be read in a press release.

00:00 – Johnson: “New sanctions against Moscow and more military support for Kiev.”

“I spoke with President Zelensky to thank him for his municipal address and to inform him of our new harsh sanctions against the Putin regime. We will tighten it to impose the maximum economic cost on Russia and intensify our military support to Ukraine.” British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Twitter.

00:00 – UNICEF, more than a million children are on the run

More than a million children have fled Ukraine to neighboring countries in less than two weeks since the start of the Russian invasion. It’s the alarm raised by UNICEF Director Kathryn Russell, who added that At least 37 children were killed and 50 injured in the conflict. Russell even said she was “terrified.” About the Moscow attack on a children’s hospital in Mariupol. “If confirmed, it is evidence of the heavy toll this war is taking on Ukraine’s children and families,” the UNICEF director said.

00:00 – Aiea, Zaporizhzhia power plant systems do not transmit data

The systems of the International Atomic Energy Agency (Aiea) that monitor the Ukrainian nuclear power plant in Zaporizhzhia have stopped transmitting data. This was announced by the International Atomic Energy Agency, citing the Guardian newspaper. There was a similar outage from the Chernobyl site yesterday. “He is concerned about the interruption of data flow to the agency’s headquarters in Vienna from the two sites, where a large amount of nuclear material is located,” said IAEA Director Rafael Grossi, according to the agency’s statement.

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