The cost of sanctions, the US slowdown in Kyiv and China: So today …

The cost of sanctions, the US slowdown in Kyiv and China: So today …

– The The war in Ukraine It burns more mediators than Salvini’s candidates for Cole. Germany is trying, but it is struggling. Macron has a direct line with Putin, but to no avail at the moment. Israel has moved on, but who knows. Turkey can reach some goals, let’s see if the meeting of Lavrov and Kuliba leads to any results. Instead, the China. Who announced today that he is on Putin’s side (“the blame for the conflict lies with NATO led by the United States”) and is the only international player capable of returning Putin to more moderate advice.

– After the first cold support in Moscow now Beijing He seems to have broken the delay: he is on Putin’s side. Did you in any way feel that the pendulum of war was tilting more toward Russia?

Biden bans oil supply gas from Russia. good. As they say “freedom has a cost” as if the West would follow. A small note, though: The US imports only 3% of its crude oil imports from Moscow. Italy depends on 13%. It’s nice to do fines with other people’s money

BlinkinUS Secretary of State, closing the door on Ukraine: “If I were in the position of President Zelensky, I am sure I would ask everything possible – he said – but sending American soldiers or pilots to Ukraine or Ukrainian airspace would certainly lead to a direct conflict with Russia “. This is world war. Translator: We imposed sanctions, we send you weapons, but you do it from now on.

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– The mayor of Kyiv announced that the capital, if besieged, could last a maximum of two weeks. Putin knows that. What if he could isolate Kyiv as he did with it? Mariupol and other cities, that would make Zelensky less powerful at the negotiating table

Our companies continue to pay exorbitant prices for energy. Brescia’s foundries will likely be closed, and the expensive bills will kill them. The situation was already dangerous before the war, now with sanctions they are in despair. Let’s keep that in mind when we talk about the war in Ukraine

– The Ukrainian President He opened the door to the possibility of discussing the territories of Donbass and Crimea, as well as, apparently, Ukraine’s neutrality. They are the demands of Russia. Question, and a bit rude: But if we have to get this far, wouldn’t it be better to negotiate first?

– The writer suffers from migraines, so today you have to settle for a short copy column

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