Tim, Vodafone and Fastweb, check your cell phones: network is turned off

Tim, Vodafone and Fastweb, check your cell phones: network is turned off

We are heading towards the final farewell to 3G, soon only 4G and 5G in Italy: here is the other operator who confirmed the change.

Vodafone and Tim were the first in Italy, with their virtual operators following them. Now comes an announcement Fastweb, which was actually in the air now. Network customers receive information about the gradual shutdown of the 3G network. Finally also for Fastweb, farewell to outdated technology in favor of 4G and 5G development.

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5G technology is also dangerous and has taken hold in such a short time that there are already people who own it Worked on techniques to reduce risks. In fact, it appears that the Fastweb modification that is now being processed is overdue. Then the switch starts. And it happens in conjunction with the final Tim factor, since the two operators are connected, or rather, Fastweb supports the first.

What if you still have Fastweb 3G

And so, what happens. Tim has announced the final farewell to old technology by April 2022, and the other operator will have to adapt. It is clear that with Tim, all other networks besides Fastweb, which depend on the main operator, will be modified: Kena, Vianova Mobile, Tiscali and CoopVoce, all supported by Tim Network.

A solution to these conditions is necessary. Indeed, for countries that intend to further develop 5G and thus increase power over the area, it is necessary to turn off the repeaters of the most outdated devices, due to the need to reduce electromagnetic waves. This is what Fastweb says in its call: To promote a better experience with new generation services”, Networks with 3G will then be shut down, From April to June 2022.

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And for those who use a new generation smartphone and a Fastweb SIM card, always supported by TIM, the problems should not be many, SMS will still be completely transmittable, the mobile will depend on 4G, but those who surf the Internet, this is known, may face Speed ​​problems. Best cell phone change, in short. No problem for those with VoLTE cell phones, while those with 4G but no VoLTE can browse safely, but won’t be able to do so during calls.

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