Ukraine: Massacre by Russian missiles in a shopping center in Kremenchuk… 20 dead – International

Ukraine: Massacre by Russian missiles in a shopping center in Kremenchuk… 20 dead – International

a Massacre of civilians In a shopping center full of people. to me Kremenchugin the Poltava region on the banks of the Dnipro River, in central Ukraine, “more than a thousand people” were shopping yesterday inside Amstor, 300 meters from the train station, when it was hit by two Russian missiles just before 16 local time, causing At least 20 dead and more than 50 wounded6 of them are in serious condition. A total of 36 people are missing. There are no other survivors under the rubble.

But The Russian Defense Ministry denied the bombing. The ministry, quoting Moscow agencies, said that a “precision missile” hit a depot in which were weapons sent from the United States and Europe, causing a fire that then spread to the nearby shopping center, according to Moscow. “It was closed.”

According to the first reconstructions of the Kyiv army, the attack was carried out with two Kh-22 long-range missiles launched from the Russian Kursk region by Tu-22M3 bombers, which took off from the Chaikovka base. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky denounced that the targeted strike did not pose a “danger to the Russian army” and “has no strategic value”, as the attack deliberately targeted “people’s attempts to lead a normal life, which greatly angers the occupiers.” For Governor Dmytro Lunin “it is another Russian war crime.” We strongly condemn the abhorrent attack on a shopping center in Kremenchug. We join Ukraine in mourning the innocent victims of this brutal attack. Indiscriminate attacks on innocent civilians are a war crime. Russian President Putin and officials will be held accountable about him “. This is what was stated in a statement by the leaders of the Group of Seven.

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky condemns it as a “shameful act of terrorism” Russian raid. crime against humanity. An apparent and cynical act of terrorism against the civilian population.” International condemnation also came. And from the G7, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson pointed the finger at Vladimir Putin’s “deep cruelty and barbarism” while the US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, said that “the world is horrified.” Not This is the first time that Kremenchug has been bombed since the beginning of the conflict.

“The total number of Russian missiles that have hit our cities – says Zelensky in a new video – is already 2811. How many aerial bombs, how many artillery shells?! Today, the United Nations Security Council stood and honored the memory of everyone killed Ukrainians. Members of the Russian delegation looked to everyone in the council chamber and decided to stand up, just so they don’t look like real killers. But everyone knows it’s Russian terrorism that is killing innocents in this war against the Ukrainian people.”

In an evening video, Zelensky showed footage of the impact of Russian missiles on the mall. “I want to end this appeal – added Zelensky – with one of these tests, so that no one would dare to deceive the missile attack on the Kremenchug shopping center. The Russian missile hit it on purpose. And that was clearly the case. And that is clearly the case The coordinates were obtained by the Russian killers of this missile. They wanted to kill as many people as possible in a peaceful city in an ordinary shopping center.” Zelensky said that the Ukrainian authorities have the names of everyone who decided to launch a missile attack on Kremenchug.

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“The Continuing arms deliveries from Washington to Kyiv Meanwhile he says Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov As TASS reports – it only exacerbates the spiral of conflict and increases the risk of its aggravation with unforeseen consequences “.” The reckless and unresponsive flow of arms in Ukraine increases the spiral of conflict and raises the risk of further escalation with unpredictable consequences. “But the ruling circles in Washington, blinded by the idea of ​​weakening Russia, remain,” said the Russian embassy’s “Telegram” channel. rationally and generally incapable of the danger of her movements,” added Antonov. The administration is increasing the supply of arms to Kyiv – the note adds -. If previously they provided MPADS and ATGM, now it is up to heavy artillery, MLRS, and apparently air defense systems. About “How to behave on the battlefield.” “Essentially, through their provocative actions, the United States is pushing the Kyiv regime to commit mass murder of civilians. In addition, here they are condoning the continued deployment of American mercenaries in Ukraine. “This policy creates additional risks in relations between the major nuclear powers,” the ambassador stressed. “.

Medvedev born in Crimea will be the third world war
“Any attempt to invade Crimea will be a declaration of war against Russia. If such a step is taken by a NATO member state, it will lead to a conflict against the entire NATO: to the Third World War, to a complete catastrophe”: said the Vice-President of the Security Council Russian Dmitry Medvedev, in an interview with the media in Moscow. The former Russian president and former prime minister said that Ukraine’s possible entry into NATO poses a greater danger to Russia than Sweden and Finland. Medvedev stressed that Kyiv would be “more dangerous for our country as a member” of NATO.

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