The post-earthquake prognosticator of the Dutch government’s ‘Great Reset failure’

The post-earthquake prognosticator of the Dutch government’s ‘Great Reset failure’

Obviously, there is a piece of news that no one has noticed in all the major media outlets. Let’s talk about the fact that the Government very liberal Marc Ruty crashes in Holland. It is possible that a European hawk who has always preferred strictness over public spending will not enjoy the power that he has enjoyed in recent years, after he headed his country’s government for as many as 4 executives. the elections Will be held in the fall and there a movement From below it seems to take root in farmers. the Civilian Farmers Movementas the political subject is called, is marked by Defending the interests of farmers and rural residents. John Farges Remember the news:

I wanted to add two pieces of news: Regarding the Dutch situation, Govt rota It fell a few days ago and this is getting a very important signal. In addition to the latest electionsthe party given by the farmers results in Dutchman the first side. Look, things aren’t said, but everything changes. Under cover of course, the old regime will make an effort to keep it that way until its last days, but it already knows that in reality it is Big reset I failed. People are waking up faster than they thought and are fighting back, not being resilient. So try to have a brighter vision, because behind the darkness that has already gathered, there Answer It is a response from the kids. the farmers Themselves, who will be the last, if you like, who stand light and courageous. this is the way“.

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