Infection is declining in Germany and in the East, and in the countries of the Mediterranean –

Infection is declining in Germany and in the East, and in the countries of the Mediterranean –

The trend does not appear to only reflect measures adopted by individual governments. New cases decline in Poland (after record number of deaths)

The new wave of Corona virus infection Europe is divided into two parts: there are countries where the curve of new patients is rising rapidly and sharply and others where the graph is pointing down. It is difficult to determine the minimum common denominator between the two areas. Those who have adopted restrictions for more than a month see the virus slowing down but we are seeing the same in areas where restrictions were triggered only a few days ago. Conversely, states that have lowered the control bar minimally are experiencing a surge in new patients as those who have let it go in recent months. There are many factors that contribute to determining the direction of the epidemiological curve, in short, not all of them can be easily deciphered.

Countries that appear to have been widely excluded are placed inNorth Central Region of the Old Continent. For example in GermanyAnd Where the dip has been in place for at least ten days. true that Merkel announced a “soft lockdown” in early December: But only three days before Christmas, the new chancellor’s government Olaf Schulz Imposing further restrictions on public demonstrations and other anti-Covid measures. Unlike the case ofAustria which was actually decided since mid-November Insurance for the unvaccinated: The results are a bonus to the Government of Vienna. However, the decrease is also evident in Belgium which has only recently been turned on for cover.

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Also in Poland Score a drop in new issues afterwards In mid-December, the capacity of restaurants and public places was reduced to 30%.. But previously the country recorded a record number of deaths that two weeks ago had traveled with a daily average of over 600. The situation is common in other Eastern European countries: On the one hand, the infection is receding, on the other hand, a large number of victims. Also, doubts about tracing and the number of swabs conducted, which may not provide a reliable map of the epidemic.

The situation was instead reversed in the context of Southern Europe and the Mediterranean. L ‘Italia, as we know, although the percentage of vaccinated people is among the highest on the continent, for days we have seen an increase in infections (also revealed thanks to a very large number of swabs). but the Portugal (which has European precedence for immunization), the Spain, the France, the Greece. The boom in new patients has prompted all of these governments to run for cover with new restrictions, particularly to ensure the tightness of the hospital network.

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