Frequently Asked Questions –

Frequently Asked Questions –
From Guido Santificio

Who votes and what does “seven up, eight down” mean?

yesterday Chinese President Xi Jinping, who is also the Secretary of the Communist Party From the country, open With the party’s XX Congress speech.

1) How long will it last?

The XX Congress of the Communist Party of China will conclude on Saturday, October 22nd. Business week as usual. Exception in confirmation for the third time by the Secretary-General: Xi Jinping. The 2,296 delegates are invited to discuss proposals, including one that would reform the constitution Zhongguo gongchan dang (CCP) to introduce new excerpts from Shi’s Thought. A “shared prosperity” formula could emerge, which promises to better redistribute national income and tighten private enterprise’s room for maneuver.

2) Will there be votes?

There are about 370 seats in the Central Committee and 25 in the Politburo at stake. Delegates already know what was decided in recent months behind the scenes by the small group leading the party. Perhaps there are some surprises, recognizable only by senior professionals, in the Central Committee plank (in 1997, Xi took the risk of disqualification and was saved by maneuvers by the elders who respected him). Today, Shi runs the games.

3) Is there a registry rule?

The unwritten rule is called qishang baxiawhich means “seven up, eight down”. Of the roughly 370 members of the Central Committee and 25 of the Politburo (including the impressive seven of the Politburo Standing Committee that includes Xi), those 67 years or younger at the time of Congress can remain in office, and those who have reached or Over 68 vacations from Zhongnanhai, the fortress of power in the ancient gardens of the Forbidden City.

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4) When will we know the result?

The first plenary session of the new Central Committee will be held on Sunday, October 23. Then Xi will lead his new Politburo standing committee on the red carpet runway. In the invitation to celebrate in the Great Hall of the People of Tiananmen Square, he wrote: “The Secretary-General and the Politburo meet with the press.” But no questions will be allowed. Only observers will be able to note who left and who entered the Politburo, positions in the official hierarchy, and try to predict China’s future for the next five years.

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