Ukraine, live coverage – Putin visits the front in Kherson and Luhansk. Wheat agreement between Kyiv and Warsaw

Ukraine, live coverage – Putin visits the front in Kherson and Luhansk.  Wheat agreement between Kyiv and Warsaw

Zelensky hears McCarthy: ‘an urgent need for new weapons’

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said he had a telephone conversation with Republican US House of Representatives Speaker Kevin McCarthy. I thanked him for Congress’s bipartisan support for Ukraine. I outlined the situation at the front and urgent defense needs in terms of armored cars, artillery, air defense and fighters,” he wrote on Twitter, adding that he had also discussed with McCarthy the tightening of sanctions against Russia in the oil and gas sector.

Kiev: “More than seven thousand Ukrainian soldiers are missing”

Currently more than seven thousand Ukrainian soldiers are missing. This was stated by Oleh Kutenko, Government Commissioner for Missing Persons, citing Kyiv Independent, explaining that about 60-65% of them could be prisoners of the Russians, while the rest could no longer be alive. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said via Telegram today that since the start of the large-scale Russian invasion, Ukraine has returned 2,235 prisoners of war from Russia.

Poland and Ukraine have reached an agreement on the import of grain

Poland and Ukraine have reached an agreement on the import of Ukrainian grain and other agricultural products. This was announced by Polish Minister of Agriculture Robert Tellos at a press conference, at the conclusion of talks between the delegations of the two countries. The agreement allows the transit of Ukrainian grain and other agricultural products across the country. The Polish minister said: “We have succeeded in putting in place mechanisms to ensure that not even a ton of grain remains in Poland and that the goods will pass through Poland.” Telus also announced measures on grain already in the country. And by July, – he said, – the grain surplus, about 4 million tons, will leave Poland to make room for a new crop. The Polish Minister of Development, Waldemar Buda, also announced that the passage of Ukrainian agricultural products through Poland will begin at midnight on Friday. This time is required for the Minister of Finance to issue two regulations and update the regulations. We will introduce electronic seals and a dispatch system for these goods,” he explained, adding, “This will be the basis for amending the regulation.”

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Moscow to the US Ambassador: Any subversive activity will be severely suppressed.

Moscow today warned US Ambassador Lynn Tracy against any “subversive activity” in Russia, which will be “severely suppressed”. This came in a memorandum from the Russian Foreign Ministry after the diplomatic summons to protest the US “interference” in Russian affairs, against the backdrop of the arrest of Wall Street Journal journalist Ivan Gershkovitch. The statement read: “Any actions by the United States aimed at sowing discord and hostility in Russian society, as well as using the diplomatic mission to cover up subversive activities, will be severely suppressed.”

Moscow: “Three-quarters of Bakhmut occupied”

Russian shock troops captured three-quarters of Bakhmut. This was reported by RIA Novosti, citing the Russian Defense Ministry. The Ministry’s report states that “in the Donetsk direction, as a result of active operations, shock forces captured three-quarters of the northern, central and southern parts of the city of Bakhmut.” He said that the Russian army was assisted by units of the Airborne Forces and soldiers of the Southern Group of Forces and stopped attempts by the Ukrainian army to launch a counterattack.

Wagner’s mercenary confessed to killing children: “I only said 10%”

Alexei Savichev, one of two former Wagner Group mercenaries who confessed to killing civilians including children in Ukraine, said he said “only 10 percent” of what he could share. This was reported by the Telegram channel of the independent Russian media Vertska. Savichev said he was approached by Vladimir Usechkin, the founder of, who paid him for the interview and received multiple threats afterward. “I said only 10% of what can be said. I am now hiding for that 10%, running like a rat across Russia,” said Wagner, a former mercenary in the militia.

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Western ambassadors to CNN: “Lola’s words are annoying, frustrating and unhappy”

The stance taken by progressive President Luiz Inacio Lula (Party) da Silva regarding the war in Ukraine threatens to alienate Western leaders and reduce dialogue between Brazil and the international community. This is the assessment of some of the ambassadors of Western countries in Brasilia, which was confidentially released to CNN. The heads of diplomatic offices have identified Lula’s words (according to which the EU and the US encourage war in Ukraine) as “disturbing”, “disappointing” and “unhappy”. According to the analysis, although the West warmly welcomed the re-election of the PT leader, after difficult relations with Jair Bolsonaro, the position taken by Lula creates a climate of mistrust and less inclination to deepen relations or open new fronts of cooperation.

Stoltenberg (NATO): “Russia is the greatest threat to our security”

“Russia is the greatest threat to our security.” This was stated by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in a call from Brussels to the 18th Annual Conference of the Alliance on Arms Control, Disarmament and Non-Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction in Washington. The Kremlin has decided to sabotage international rules regarding weapons, threatening to use nuclear weapons. This is irresponsible behavior, but it does not scare us, “added the Secretary-General.

Zelensky visited the advanced positions of the Ukrainian army in the Donetsk region

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky visited the Ukrainian army’s outposts at Avdiivka, in the Donetsk region, the daily scene of Russian bombing. This was reported by the presidential press service, adding that “the head of state listened to the report of the commander of the” Donetsk “tactical-operational group about the situation in his area of ​​responsibility. Then Volodymyr Zelensky spoke to the marines, amphibious assault, mechanized and artillery units and thanked them for their service. According to the General Staff For the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in the direction of Avdiivka, the Russian army continues to focus its main efforts on conducting offensive operations… The city is bombed every day.

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Poland tightens security measures along the border with Russia

Poland has begun installing additional security monitoring systems along its border with the Russian province of Kaliningrad. This was stated by Polish Minister of the Interior and Administration Mariusz Kaminski on Polish radio RMF 24, explaining that a camera system will be installed along the 199-kilometer border with Russia. I am satisfied that our eastern frontiers will be fully prepared for all kinds of illegal activities relating to crisis situations with our eastern neighbours. I am sure it will be the best protected EU border,” the minister added, announcing that the construction of the security monitoring systems will be completed by this fall.

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