This dog-specific airline offers reserved seating, cocktails, and games

Traveling by plane is a terrifying experience for many dogs. Small dogs can, in some cases, travel in the cabin with their owners, but medium or large dogs must be placed in a crate in the plane’s hold.

But this is starting to change. In the United States, one of them has been operating since May An airline that specializes in flights for dogs.

Devices Air barking Air Lladruc is designed so that its users and the people accompanying them enjoy maximum comfort. The cabin crew specializes in dealing with four-legged passengers.

Each passenger, whether dog or person, has their own seat. Dogs are not required to be on a leash during flight, but the airline does not specify whether they must be on a leash in the event of turbulence.

Even though it is in Park Air No, Hello has a business degreeAttention is personalized, and the menu, drinks and “amenities” offered there are all designed to satisfy even the most demanding dogs.

Planes are decorated with music, colors and pheromones that calm the most anxious dogs (EFE).

Before boarding the plane, the plane is cleaned and disinfected and through the ventilation system Comforting pheromones are sprayed. The cabin is equipped with music and colors that please dogs’ ears and eyes.

Animals can ask Wet wipes or moisturizer For their hooves. They are also offered comfortable jackets, noise-reducing earmuffs, and more Kids Games For them to have fun.

the moment No existing complaints received Which is offered on Bark Air aircraft. On the inaugural flight, which departed from New York to Los Angeles, the six dogs on board tasted a menu prepared by a chef that included… Chicken flavored cupcake And chicken broth served in tall cups as if from kava.

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Low cost has not yet reached the EFE dog flight offering.

So far the airline offers flights between New York, Los Angeles, London, Chicago, San Francisco, Phoenix and Miami, although in the future it is planned to open routes to other European cities Milan or Paris.

This is the second airline that specializes in flights for dogs. The first was created in the United Kingdom and is called K9.

“Low-cost” has not yet reached the offer of flights for dogs. The ticket price on Bark Air can be offensive. Book a flight between Nova York and Los Angeles On the airline’s website for a dog goes to $6000. naturally, The accompanying human travels free of charge If there are two dogs traveling and their combined weight does not exceed 22 kilos, they can share the seat and pay as if they were just one.

If the route is transcontinental, such as a flight between New York and London, the fare rises to $8,000. For this route, there are no more seats available until September.

Dogs do not have to be on a leash during flight, but the airline does not specify whether they must wear their seat belts in the event of turbulence (EFE).

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