Ukraine and Putin: “U.S.-Russia Relations Are in Deep Crisis” – North America

Ukraine and Putin: “U.S.-Russia Relations Are in Deep Crisis” – North America

Russian President Vladimir Putin He is back in center stage, in his usual capacity as defender of Russia against the aggression of hostile foreign powers. The target is always the West, and especially the United States, which has gone far beyond the framework of the Cold War. By entering into a real “hot conflict” with Moscow. On the opposite front, Volodymyr Zelensky stopped in Warsaw, taking advantage of a new fighter grant from his major European sponsor. Good news for the Ukrainians, who are bolstering their military arsenal with the stated aim of reconquering all territory occupied by the enemy. Crimea too, in six months.

Kremlin attacks
The United States supported the color revolutions in the former Soviet republics and the “Kiev coup” in 2014, an episode “On the Origin of the Current Crisis”. The Russian president said so Russian President Vladimir Putin Addressing the US Ambassador to Moscow, Lynn Tracy, during the credentials ceremony for new ambassadors. Relations between Russia and the United States are “in deep crisis”, Putin added.

Between Russia and the United States, a stage of “hot conflict”Meanwhile, Moscow’s Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov says, warning that we are in fact witnessing a hybrid war, some of which is unprecedented. The Kremlin says preconditions are missing for talks with Ukraine.

Moreover, Russian President Putin added, EU-Russia relations “deteriorated” because the EU “started a geopolitical confrontation” with Moscow, the Kremlin leader said during the ceremony. But Russia “does not want to isolate itself” The Russian President stressed his continued “cooperation” with all countries on the basis of the “equality” principle.

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In his meeting with the ambassadors, the Russian president told the Danish ambassadors that he hoped Copenhagen would support “Moscow’s proposal to form an independent international commission” regarding the explosions that destroyed in September the Nord Stream gas pipeline linking the two countries. Russia to Germany via the Baltic waters.

Tension in annexed areas
Then headed by A National Security Council meetingPutin, who was attended by the heads of pro-Russian departments in the four Ukrainian regions annexed by Moscow, said that the capabilities of Western special services are being used to prepare terrorist acts by Kiev in Russia. He pointed out that the situation in the annexed areas “is still tense” due to the bombings and terrorist attacks in Kiev, which “did not spare anyone.” Therefore, Putin appealed to the forces of the regime, the judiciary and the intelligence services “to ensure the safety of the local population.”

Zelensky in Warsaw
The Ukrainian President is in Warsaw, where he was awarded the Order of the White Eagle for the defense of human rights. Polish President Andrzej Duda said that Poland has already transferred a total of eight MiG-29 fighters to Ukraine and is preparing to transfer six more fighters. He stresses that Warsaw will ask for more security guarantees for Ukraine at the next NATO summit to be held in Vilnius in July. Duda reported that Poland “will be able in the future to transfer the entire MiG-29 fleet,” about thirty fighters, to Ukraine “after agreement with NATO partners,” because it is currently used on periodic missions by the alliance.

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In Kiev, plans continue to be drawn up for a large-scale counterattack, for which 40,000 men are already ready. According to Presidential Adviser Mykhailo Podolyak, it will be possible to liberate all occupied territories: “Russia – he said – does not have enough resources
To deal with the situation in Crimea and Ukraine will recapture the peninsula in a very short time: six months, five months, seven months. “.

The Polish president has indicated that Warsaw still needs the MiGs, but when new FA-50s and F-16s ordered by South Korea and the United States arrive, he could consider handing over his entire aging fighter fleet to Ukraine.

During today’s Atlantic Council, the Allies decided “to offer Ukraine a multi-year support program, in order to strengthen the Armed Forces in Kiev, interoperability and a path towards NATO standards, given that Ukraine’s future lies within the Euro-Atlantic family”. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said this, specifying that at the moment Allies are meeting “urgent needs” while now it is necessary to “strengthen the institutions, norms and doctrine” to support the path towards NATO in Kiev.

Moreover, according to Stoltenberg, “China refuses to condemn Ukraine’s aggression, subsidizes the Russian economy and echoes its propaganda: any fatal aid would be a historical mistake with profound ramifications, and allies, including major corporations, have made clear what the consequences will be.” Will be.”

As for defense spending, according to the NATO Secretary General “2% of GDP for defense should not be a goal in the distant future but rather a strong commitment, so that 2% is really the minimum, and I look forward to making that clear in the language at the Vilnius Summit”.

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