Hunter Biden, the son of the US President accused of illegally possessing weapons: latest news

Hunter Biden, the son of the US President accused of illegally possessing weapons: latest news

Hunter Biden has been formally charged today by federal prosecutors in Delaware on three charges related to the incident Illegal possession of weapons. The son of the President of the United States is accused of essentially lying when he declared that he did not use drugs when he filled out his forms Purchased a Colt Cobra in October 2018. In addition, Hunter Biden, who has admitted to having drug problems in recent years, has been charged Possession of a weapon while under the influence of drugs.

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The historic indictment of the son of a sitting president comes just days after the Republican majority in the House of Representatives announced the launch of an impeachment investigation into the alleged illicit ties between Biden and Hunter’s foreign business dealings. The indictment comes after the collapse of the agreement that Hunter Biden reached with Attorney General David Weiss, who was appointed by the Trump administration and then confirmed by the Biden administration, to investigate the affairs and personal life of the president’s son.

Last June, the investigation appeared to have concluded with an agreement in which Hunter pleaded guilty to two minor tax crimes and began an extrajudicial operation to avoid prosecution on weapons charges. However, the agreement collapsed in July when Judge Marilyn Noreika expressed doubts about its structure. Weeks later, on August 11, Attorney General Merrick Garland granted Weiss special prosecutor status, giving him the authority to charge Hunter Biden in any district across the country.

Therefore today’s indictment may not be the only one, as the agreement also failed with regard to the minor tax crimes part. Weiss’ move comes as Hunter Biden’s lawyers accuse him of reneging on an agreement they say has already been ratified.

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If convicted, Biden faces a maximum of 25 years in prisonTwo charges carry a maximum penalty of 10 years and the third carries a maximum penalty of five years. In addition, the special prosecutor indicated that other charges, related to failure to pay taxes on time, could be brought in Washington or California.

Moreover, legal experts consulted by NBC News assert that these types of gun possession indictments, such as those for tax violations, are rarely brought against people with a criminal record, and convictions and prison sentences are even rarer.

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