Farewell to Jesse Kouse and Shurasty’s dog, the touching couple traveling the Beetle from Brazil to Alaska have died in an accident

Farewell to Jesse Kouse and Shurasty’s dog, the touching couple traveling the Beetle from Brazil to Alaska have died in an accident

There were two days to go. A few kilometers to fulfill the dream of completing the Beetle’s journey from Brazil to Alaska. But tragedy ended their lives: Jesse Couse, 29, of Brazil, and his dog Golden Retriever Shurastey died instantly after the 1978 Volkswagen Beetle they were traveling in collided with a Ford Escape near Selma. in Oregon (USA). Eileen Haas, a 62-year-old Ford Escape driver, was taken to hospital with multiple injuries, while a child in the back of the car was unharmed.

Cuz’s journey started in 2017 and was supposed to last about two years, then with the Covid pandemic, he got stuck on the Mexico-US border and had to return to Brazil. He then returned to the car with his inseparable dog, last January and was able to enter the United States in February.

Their itinerary is documented on the Instagram page created to keep a diary of their road trip: over 1.3 million followers have followed the “Shurastey or Shuraigow?” page. I Go” by The Clash.

Cuz had published his last post just four days before his death: The Brazilian stands in front of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco with his beloved dog. “The Hercilio Luz Bridge has a different side,” the man wrote, ironically comparing the San Francisco Bridge and the Hercilio Luz Bridge in the Brazilian city of Florianópolis.

«The last photo…Last post, last ride! Best Journey Happening Right Now” One user and another wrote: “He died as a hero living his biggest dream.” And again: “The world of the nomads has lost a great deal of inspiration. I send a lot of love to the whole family.”

Shaurasti dog Simba the lion: a spot on the forehead and an ad from the cliff

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