Justice stops TheGrefg and stops the eviction of an elderly woman in Andorra

Legal setback for YouTuber David Canovas, known as TheGrefg. The Andorran judiciary rejected the claim brought by his company, Griffito, against an 80-year-old woman whom he wanted to evict from a house in Escaldes-Engordany.

As published Country It was collected by various Andorran media outlets, the Civil Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice The ruling was annulled The judge ruled last August in favor of Rebekah, a young man from Murcia.

The new decision that Eviction paralyzes and excuses the womanHe points out that there is a legal flaw in the lawsuit filed by Griffito. In particular, he says that the text did not explain why he wanted to terminate the old woman's lease.

Just this formal error One of the arguments he used was the woman's defense To oppose eviction.

The judges point out, as published in the same newspaper, that at no time was “the expiration date of the final year of the contract” determined, and they concluded that “The tenant’s desire to vacate is not enough.” To do that.

The ruling also indicates this The woman found herself “in a helpless situation” Because he was not given the necessary tools to defend himself against the lawsuit. In addition to rejecting his request, the court requires Griffito to pay procedural costs.

A block of apartments, half abandoned

A month and a half ago, the player defended himself by A He presses With information that linked him to the eviction of the old woman from the apartment in which she had lived for about forty years. “I like to kill old ladies, in fact I like to eat them.”David Canovas said in a sarcastic tone.

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As advanced digital LoudspeakerThis is the fourth winter that the woman has lived in a “half-abandoned” house and so on He became a freezer Since they started dismantling the rest of the block houses that remained empty, they removed all the windows.

The same Andorran media explain that the building in question was purchased in the summer of 2020 by Grefito SLU with the aim of renovating it from top to bottom, but the woman He refused to leave, protecting himself with a lifelong lease It has two stories and two parking spaces, and she says her husband verbally agreed to the previous property.

Towards the end of that year the problems had begun, even arrived Pipe freezing Due to the demolition of the rest of the houses and the cold air currents resulting from the removal of the windows.

In the statement published on X, TheGrafg accused the woman of committing an “abusive act” with “completely unfounded allegations” and claimed that she and her family had taken the issue to the media.“To try to cause as much damage to my public persona as possible.”.

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