The England-US derby lit up Black Friday for Sisal

The England-US derby lit up Black Friday for Sisal

On the occasion of the England-US derby at the World Cup in Qatar, the sisal has chosen to focus on Black Friday on a promotion that includes the new duet bet.

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Black Friday has blown out 70 candles this year even though its popularity was born in the 1980s. For the first time, the World Cup marks the anniversary of those born in America, and the sisal decided to celebrate it in a unique way.

On the occasion of the England-US derby, which is necessary to reach the round of 16, Sisal chose his focus
Black Friday is in a promotion that includes a new Duo bet

The new mode allows you to play to the mark, but also to win in any of the alternatives, without any penalty on the odds. However, the new bet concerns not only the strikers but also the players who have been booked or sent off. The promotion will be active from the 11th and will last until the start of the match: this is the first difference with previous initiatives that were available for a much shorter period of time (maximum four hours before that).

The mechanics of the Duo promotion, which focuses on the England vs USA Challenge, linked to Black Friday are very simple: A 50 percent cashback up to 5 EUR is offered on losing bets and a 20 percent increase in winnings up to 100 EUR.

Thanks to these methods, Sisal thinks of all its users who will receive a reward in case of winning or losing the ticket.

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global initiatives – The Black Friday related promotion is part of the World Cup related promotion designed by sisal for the entire World Championship. In addition to Duo and Cash Out, in fact, the sisal table is rich especially in terms of players: There is the possibility of playing on the top scorer of the tournament, on the best player in the tournament, on the strongest goalkeeper in the tournament, on the player who is the most “generous” thanks to his assists without forgetting the young players with the best young player in the tournament. world Cup. Moreover, the interface on is completely new with the players lined up on the pitch.
Added to this is the usual sisal happy hour, Already successfully tested during the European Championship 2021: 1 hour of increasing possibilities will be offered every day, from 6 to 7 p.m.

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