The Italian Fans’ Dream: From Colono to the World Cup in the USA

The Italian Fans’ Dream: From Colono to the World Cup in the USA

Cologno al Serio. Cheerleading school Cologno al Serio is moving on to the World Cup Finals in Orlando, Florida, in the United States, which will be held over eight days in April 2023, at the city’s Walt Disney Parks. The team consisting of girls between the ages of 15 and 26, Fundraising campaign started Hoping to make your dream come true.

To keep the flag of our country aloft, there will be eighteen athletes with the “Team Free Italy Boom”. eleven of Diamond Delight Elite from Cologno, and all of Lower Bergamo, and 7 from the Dynamite Club of Turin, affiliated to the FICEC federation. They will compete in the Senior Freestyle Boom and Senior Double Freestyle Boom categories.

“Representing Italy at the World Cup is a great honor and a sporting dream for all of us, who for years have committed themselves to perseverance and dedication so that we can raise the name of our country to the top in global competition,” the team explains, “Our sport is unfortunately not known in Italy, and for this we ask for your support to reach an important goal.” Very important for us, for our sporting career and for Italy.”

Paola Giacomazzi, An athlete from Cologno, he tells us: “It’s already the third time I’ve participated, we’ve always taken on the expenses. The costs include an apartment, basic necessities, travel, uniforms and a registration fee of 500 euros – and he concludes that in Italy, small sports are left For themselves, and the state and the federation must support the athletes.

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Cheerleading is a sport that includes elements of dance, acrobatics, and artistic gymnastics, and is so popular in America that it is a “true status symbol”. In Italy, unfortunately, even today it is still not considered a sport like other sports, he points out Luana CecatoPresident of the local fans’ union of the Diamond Bergamo Group: “We want to break the stereotype of” pom pom girls “, our sports are much more than that, they train in a demanding and continuous way, they are all classic and modern acrobatic – he adds – we have many important experiences at the European level and we are trying With difficulty going forward, we were also able to obtain the support of the municipality of Cologno al Serio who gave us the use of the building, to hold meetings with the girls of Turin in order to reduce expenses. Above all, we thank the families who support their daughters, it is a great sacrifice. “

Next weekend they will be in Ancona to participate in the national championships where, in case of victory, they will qualify for the European Championships, which will be held this year in Verona from June 30 to July 2.

The eleven girls of the Cologno Diamond Cheer Elite team are Camila Baldelli (first experience), Francesca Barofi (2018, 2023), Biancasofia Barofi (2018, 2023), Claudia Brambilla (first experience), Martina Conti (2018, 2023), Elisa Defendi (first experience), Paola Giacomazzi (2016, 2018, 2023), Ambra Leoni (2018, 2023), Erika Magni (2018, 2023), Sofia Magni (first experience), Angelica Marta (2018, 2023). Francesca Baruffi and Ambra Leoni, in addition to participating in the Senior Freestyle Pom Team, were selected for the Senior Double Freestyle Pom class.

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