Ukraine latest news. US intelligence: a long war and a possible nuclear escalation

Ukraine latest news.  US intelligence: a long war and a possible nuclear escalation


Between eight and ten Russian generals were killed in Ukraine by Kyiv’s forces. The US Chamber has overwhelmingly approved a new $40 billion package of military, economic, and humanitarian aid to Ukraine

In Odessa, in the shopping center destroyed by Russian missiles
  • “Ban the Kyiv army at the Donbass chemical plant”

    Part of some Ukrainian military units expelled by the Russian army from the Donbass town of Robyzhny was blocked at the Zarya chemical plant. This was reported by the Russian RIA Novosti Agency, citing the words of Apta Alaeddinov, assistant to the Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov. “All these days we have been busy closing the Zarya plant. We had the task of liberating it from the left flank up to Kudryashovka so as not to leave the enemy behind. This task has already been completed, and our forces and means have practically closed the Zarya plant,” said Alaeddinov.

  • Kyiv, hit a school for disabled children in Lugansk

    The Russian army opened fire on an institution for children with disabilities in need of support in the Lugansk region. This was announced by the head of the Regional Military Administration Sergei Gaidai, citing Ukrinform. Horsk was shot by soldiers from Moscow yesterday. Building a private school in the area where children with special needs were affected. Jedi said. Yesterday, residential areas and infrastructure across the region were bombed 15 times. The main Sieiverodonetsk pipeline was damaged, the city ran out of gas and also power was cut off.

    A school was bombed in the Lugansk region in recent days

  • Slavyansk administration “the occupiers fired missiles at two regions”

    “The Russian occupiers fired missiles at two areas in Sloviansk this morning,” he added. This was written by Facebook Vadim Lyakh, head of the Civil Military Administration of the city of Donetsk, adding that “according to preliminary data, no one was hurt.”

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