The European Chamber demands the possibility of Orban assuming the reins of the European Council

The European Chamber demands the possibility of Orban assuming the reins of the European Council

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Plenary session European Parliament He called for the possibility of Orban assuming the reins of government temporarily European Council. This will happen if a replacement for the current president is not agreed upon by mid-July. Charles MichelWho will leave his position before the end of his term.

This is scheduled to take place during the second semester of this year Hungary He holds the rotating presidency of the Council. In this senseEuropean room She called for solutions to mitigate its impact.

He also publicly denounced once again the threat to fundamental rights posed, in his view, by the Hungarian government headed by Hungary Viktor Orbán. For this reason, he urged the 27 countries to move forward with a measure that would allow sanctions to be imposed on Budapest if serious violations of the rule of law were confirmed.

In a resolution that was approved by a majority of 345 votes to 104, with 29 abstentions, the plenary session warned that: European Union It cannot abandon its values, surrender to blackmail, and trade in the strategic interests and interests of its allies. In addition, remember that the Hungarian Prime Minister has been blocking an agreement on new aid to Ukraine since December.

He also criticizes the inaction of the European Council and the European Union European Commission They regret that no mechanism has been put in place to act against Hungary if the democratic decline in the country is confirmed.

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