“Here mankind is destroyed. Ukraine’s application for EU membership by summer »- Corriere.it

“Here mankind is destroyed.  Ukraine’s application for EU membership by summer »- Corriere.it
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EU Commission President: “Panic at the attack on Kramatorsk”. Zelensky met in the Ukrainian capital with the High Representative for Foreign Policy

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Kyiv – “We want to give our strong support to the Ukrainians and give them hope.” The President of the European Union Commission Ursula von der Leyen He speaks during the long twelve-and-a-half hour flight, before arriving in Kyiv, to a small group of journalists, including Corriere del Serra. In the same hours, a missile hit the Kramatorsk railway station in the east of the country, which was used to evacuate civilians. Traveling with the High Representative of the European Union Josep Borrell: “Our message – adds the senior Spanish diplomat – is that Ukraine controls its territory, its infrastructure, you can travel“.

President von der Leyen will meet with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky: «I have been in constant contact with him since the beginning of the war. We are on the forty-fourth day of the war.” Von der Leyen speaks in a tweet fromAttack on the Kramatorsk railway station: “He is despicable. I am terrified of the loss of life and will personally offer my condolences to President Zelensky ».

On his visit, von der Leyen brings with him a very important document: the “Survey”
To which Ukraine will have to respond Which will be used by the European Union Commission to formulate its opinion on the application for membership in the Union. “It usually takes years before the council agrees to consider an application for membership, but this time for Ukraine, it did in two weeks and I request to move forward as soon as possible. Our goal is to apply to the council this summer.”

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“Ukrainians are part of the European family,” continues von der Leyen, who notes that “Ukrainians are in dire need of help.” The opinion of the executive branch of the community will be the basis for the decision of the Council. Investments and reforms will be required. “Ukraine must emerge from the war as a democracy. Together with other international donors we are ready to rebuild and reform the country. Now everything is worrying but there are also huge opportunities Because the country will start from scratch“.

Von der Leyen will touch on two other issues relevant to President Zelensky: Supply more weapons
Huge financial support Ukraine needed immediately. Borrell arrives, announcing that member states are about to make a decision A new tranche of 500 million euros for the supply of arms, which is added to the billion already allocated under the European Peace Facility. He will also announce that “the European Union will allocate $7.5 million to fund the Ukrainian international investigation into war crimes to collect evidence and train personnel. Moreover, today we reopen the EU delegation in Kyiv, with the return of the ambassador, to show that Ukraine exists and has a capital, and it will be a mini-team for security reasons.”

The first stop on the visit is BuchaWhere the Russian forces withdrew and carried out a massacre that terrified the West. Under the Bucha rain, von der Leyen’s blue eyes look gray in sight Horror what she knows and what they say to her It happened: “Here the unimaginable happened. In Bosha, we saw humanity broken.” Accompanied by the Ukrainian Prime Minister, Denis Shmyal, von der Leyen and Borrell watched the black bags with the bodies exhumed for the investigation opened by Kyiv, to which the European Union also contributes, into war crimes and attended a short ceremony in the nearby church where they lit a candle over the victims. Then they moved to Al-Mahatta Street, where the cremated corpses of reptiles still block the road. Von der Leyen and Borrell listen to the tales. And they make promises. “You are fighting for rate usVon Del Len repeats.

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Also the Slovak Prime Minister Edward Heigl He arrived in Kyiv, following the visits of the Polish, Slovenian and Czech premieres a few days after the start of the war. A week ago she was instead the President of the European Parliament, Roberta Mitsulato come to Kyiv to bring political support from Eurochamber.

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