PlayStation Game Pass will lower development costs and game quality –

PlayStation Game Pass will lower development costs and game quality –

The Sony CFOHiroki Totoki commented on the idea.PlayStation Game Pass‘, or a subscription service that could also include D1 first-party games. Totoki repeats what has been said, in a similar fashion, on other occasions: it requires a service of this kind. lower production costs and will have a Affect the quality of the games.

Specifically, the Full statement from Totoki It reads: “I will avoid commenting on our opponents’ strategy. Our current idea is that development costs and R&D investments are appropriate for high-quality products. This will improve the platform and also improve our business in the long run. If we distribute AAA games on PS5 via subscription services, we may have to This will reduce the necessary investment and that will degrade the quality of first-party games – that is our concern. Therefore, we want to make sure that we spend the right amount of development resources to get strong products to deliver in the right way.”

there Totoki’s line of thought Therefore, it is the same that has been repeatedly voiced by Sony and PlayStation. According to the company, the subscription service does not go well with many AAA products that have very high development costs.

without me Data from Xbox Game Pass, from PlayStation And the two companies’ game production costs, we can’t really come up with a definitive answer. For now, this is Sony’s lineup and it doesn’t look like it’s going to change quickly.

We’ve recently seen PlayStation Plus suffer a drop in subscribers but that doesn’t worry Sony – here’s why.

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