A surprising setback for Modi and his party in the Indian elections

A surprising setback for Modi and his party in the Indian elections

Indian voters surprised Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership with an unexpected rejection. Tuesday’s election results showed that his Hindu nationalist party was unable to secure a majority in Parliament, shattering the aura of invincibility enjoyed by India’s most dominant politician in decades.

Although Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party took first place and is still in a good position to form a government with its allies in the coming days, the performance of the BJP cannot be compared to that of 2014, when Modi came to power amid a wave of national anger over… Corruption, nor with what happened in 2019, when it was fueled by nationalist sentiment after a border clash with Pakistan.

The surprise result sparked wild celebrations among India’s opposition parties and represented an unusual setback for a politician who had never failed to win a majority in a state or national election in a 23-year political career.

As prime minister over the past decade, Modi has successfully cultivated the image of a popular leader and proven winner, and most political analysts expected him to easily once again overcome India’s weak, underfunded opposition parties.

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