This way you will be able to clean your blinds in a natural way

This way you will be able to clean your blinds in a natural way

Washing and cleaning blinds is a real hassle. With this method, you will be easier and more comfortable.

the Curtains and curtains It is an excellent way to keep the rooms of our house in the shade, and is especially useful in the summer to make the environment cooler, leaving the heat and intrusive looks away from us. They can be made with different materials, even if they are the most used today Plastic and aluminiumThanks to its resistance and the ease of its owners in cleaning it.

In fact, as far ason paperIt could be simpler, cleaning the blinds is not easy, because Dirt tends to lurk between one piece and another, which makes the process difficult if you don’t have special tools or don’t know a technique to do it, which saves a lot of time. Also, we usually tend to underestimate this object, so when we’re about to give it a go”refreshedWe often find it covered in dirt.

But there are gods tricks to do To be able to quickly clean the blinds and blinds, and to recover the precious minutes that we can use in a different way, perhaps reading a book or watching our favorite series. So let’s see how to wash these household items meticulously, step by step.

How to clean blinds and drapes to save time and use natural products

First, we will have to equip ourselves with a broom with soft bristles, which we will use to remove dust accumulations of the shutters, thus removing most of the dirt, and passing within and without, being careful not to bend too far, in the case of great heights.

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At this point we can proceed to the actual washing, choosing from some natural and commonly used products. The first is Marseille soapTwo cups of its flakes dissolved in a bucket of hot water are sufficient. Having dipped a sponge in it, we can proceed to scrubbing on both sides: in addition to being shiny, they will also be very fragrant.

Shutter –

Another product to use isWhite wine vinegar. Also in this case it is enough to dilute half a cup in a basin of hot water, using the mixture to wash the internal and external surfaces. In addition to cleaning, the spaces between one sliding piece and another will be deeply sanitized. Then there’s the component that’s particularly appropriate if you’re dealing with white shutters, exposed to the elements and graying from use.

How to whiten and sanitize them the completely natural way

the Sodium bicarbonate It is known to be one of the most useful products in the house: bleach, disinfectant, cleaner. There are many positive aspects it has to offer and this also applies to the shutters in the house, especially if they are white and need to be returned to their former glory.

The paste prepared with its powder and a little water will be ideal to be applied between the cracks with a sponge or brush, and once rinsed, the difference will be amazing.

Finally, an equally excellent whitening treatment and cleanser is Lemon juiceFruit juice mixed in a bucket with some hot water will make your roller blinds sparkle and sparkle as if they were just installed.

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