Ukraine, it now appears that the United States is open to dialogue with Moscow. With all due respect to Zelensky

Ukraine, it now appears that the United States is open to dialogue with Moscow.  With all due respect to Zelensky

by Monica Valendino

Since the beginning of the Ukrainian crisis, it has been said that both sides should seek peace Russian President Vladimir Putin hand and Joe Biden On the other hand. Because, if someone still doesn’t understand, this is a dirty war between the United States and their armed arm Disguised as a defensive alliance (NATO) and Russia, it is seen as an essential step to downsizing before devoting itself to the real problem of global economic-political hegemony, China.

After months of death and pain, perhaps something is moving in a positive direction, now that the muscles (even the nuclear muscles) have been so well explained and shown to the world.

Some things that have happened in the past few days suggest that it is time for the American side negotiatealso in light of the midterm elections where Biden risks historical refusal, With both houses of Parliament that will end up in the hands of the Republicans as Donald Trump He still has a big say in the matter (someone in Washington, D.C. might see him as the Speaker of the House, with 82-year-old Pelosi at the end of the line).

something is moving, So. First, the divided news leaked through the New York Times regarding the bombing that killed Daria Dugina, It was referred to by intelligence sources with stars and tapes Kyiv Chiefs and Executors, a verb denoting a first political detachment.

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Then TASS reported that the United States had no intention of deploying nuclear weapons In countries, such as Poland, which joined the organization after 1997. This was stated by the spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, providing another reason for the negotiation in Moscow.

Finally, perhaps to respond to the inappropriate choice Zelensky To issue a decree preventing Ukraine from negotiating with Putin, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken He declared that his country is “ready” to search for a diplomatic solution with Russia over the conflict in Ukraine. When Russia seriously demonstrates its willingness to go down the path of dialogue, we will be ready. “We will be there,” he said at a press conference in Lima. “The truth is that Russia and President Putin have not shown any interest in diplomacy,” Blinken criticized, but the fact remains that more clues lead to the belief that the US Try to get to the negotiating table.

The point will be to find an agreement that satisfies both parties: Moscow will not give up the annexed territories (perhaps some concessions can only be made in Zaporizhia), while Biden wants at all costs to restore the confidence of its citizens affected by inflation and the post-crisis crisis. covid and who don’t care much about foreign policy, It can “suffice” with military hegemony Now entirely on the countries of Eastern Europe and, above all, on the energy states, having actually cut off European dependence on Russia (also through Nord Stream) by imposing states on the Old Continent as a natural hub for (atomic) energy.

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And Ukraine? From the beginning, many analysts have considered it the sacrificial lamb and both are in the case of agreements and In a prolonged war she is destined to lose. Accept the dirty hand of the 2014 coup and continue to avoid a solution to Donbass By prolonging the civil war, he placed it on the offering plate even before last February. Whatever happens, Zelensky may become the biggest loser in history and perhaps that’s why he keeps flexing his muscles: perhaps the war is right for him at this point.

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