He left the basketball characters Pino Romano Fondi and traveled to the United States, Sweden, Austria and France.

He left the basketball characters Pino Romano Fondi and traveled to the United States, Sweden, Austria and France.

Born in 1973 – I first met the very young Pino Romano in the small gymnasium of GB Crossy Science High School in Latin. I was the captain of Virtus Latina who was going to face Basketball Fondi in the Boys Trophy. Besides me, the club was founded by friend president Vittorio de Luca. After the usual pleasures, the good Vittorio told me: “Palo, look how hot that guy is, his name is Pino Romano, he trains with us even though he belongs to Terrazzina. I predict a bright future for him considering his potential. In fact, my friend is right. The challenge on the field began, and a boy with three drops went from one side of the field to the other, amazed by his height and speed. It was like a flying plane. Fabriano’s coach, Massimo Mangano, who observed the talents of Pino Romano, who arrived in the city in March, was followed by one of the best Italian coaches of the moment. Massimo tried to improve the personal basics of Pino, who had already created a great shot from the outside. When he left coach Fabriano of Palermo descent, the player signed an annual contract with Barra de Napoli and then moved to Toronto. The real turning point in Pino’s life was when he went to the United States, in Cleveland, to find some relatives who had invited him. That summer, thanks to his brother Luca, he got in touch with coach Rick Pitino during a match at Scourie as head of university coaching in Kentucky. Pino told him: “I’m going on vacation to Cleveland and then I want to take an exam with his university education.” His interest in basketball immediately brought him to the Cleveland Stadium. It is the administrative capital of Guayaquil County, Ohio. The city is located in the northeastern part of the state, on the south bank of Lake Erie, about 100 km west of the Pennsylvania border. It was founded in 1796 on the estuary of the Guayahoa River and became an industrial center due to its location at the beginning of several waterways and railroads. One afternoon, at the height of the summer, with full freedom on the student training playground – as usual in the states – Pino went to take some shots. He was immediately called up for training and played in the NCAA Championship. The people of Cleveland of Italian descent immediately liked this big boy with a clean face and polite manners, so they organized banquets in his memory. From that moment on, the American experience was of fundamental importance to Pino, who embarked on a journey that led to playing in Sweden, Austria and France. He was able to take some exams at the Faculty of Philosophy in the United States, and then graduated with full marks in Perugia, which he joined after he finished high school. He learned English perfectly and when he returned to Italy for a few days vacation he never forgot his friends. I remember very well that he gave me a beautiful NBA diary when he came to see me with his girlfriend Francesca Michie, which I really appreciated. In the cold Sweden, Pino played in the top league following his brother Luka, who always lived in Umea, and after his victory in Sweden he was hired in Austria to play in the important Sporta-Cup against the European basketball elite: Partison Belgrade-Igralis Salonico-Alba. In neighboring France, he distinguished himself with the jerseys of Reims and Salon, always thanks to his agent San Marino Republican agent Luciano Capiccioni, a manager who brought a real leap in Italian basketball, thanks to his continued relationships with sports. Around the world. After leaving France, Pino Romano was invited by coach Ciani to Sassari. At that time, at the age of thirty, he decided to leave the best basketball and think about sustainable work for the future. Choose a lifestyle that rewards him. That 2001/2002 season he played as a double member with the team of Pino Sassari and Virtus Fondi Promotion, playing with Fonseca in the final for access to the Serie T at Fabiani Jim’s neutral ground in Formia. Ponce, led by Pascual Mason, clearly won, scoring from a distance and not enough to return to Slinger’s counter-attacking base. From that moment on, the wonderful shouts of Virtus Basket Fondi, who had come to play in the P2 series, began. When I was elected General Manager of the Basketball Fondi Competition Association, we played two beautiful city derbies, both of which my team won. The matches were very popular among the supporters, so there were two thousand people in the stadium for the return match. The desire to organize events is daily in the head of our basketball travel companion, so he came to Fondi to run important internships and clinics for coaches. I was on stage hosted by Antonello Riva, who was dedicated to filming, targeting members of the Fontana Club who are associated with the best Italian sniper in the Italian Top League.
Forty-eight-year-old Pino is one of the oldest athletes in Italy. He is engaged to Virtus Fondi at the C Gold Championship and has decided to play with Fondi while waiting for the team that sees him as the protagonist along with American Hollis to sign off on the top series after leaving Top Flight. Pino certainly does not live on in memories, but he is particularly interested in setting aside newspaper clippings covering his basketball adventures around the world. Realizing the maturity of a boy who left the Italian province where the United States and Europe had no problem playing in any genre, Gazzetta Tello Sport dedicated half a page of an interview to him. That experience later helped establish a company with his brother Luca, Virtus Fondi, who was awarded the Bronze Medal for Sports Qualification by Connie this year. Funds for 2023 will be the “European Sports City”, a desirable recognition for the Rossofieu Club has been handed over to the organization of the Mini-Basketball Jamboree, which features hundreds of basketball players. According to Pino Romano, the name should be associated with his wife Francesca Michi, which is a lasting partnership: one with the other. Francesca also came from the world of basketball after she started playing at Caserta under the leadership of my friend Romano Piccolo, a character that everyone regrets under the Royal Palace. Many people wonder why Virtus Fondi is associated with the name Oyasi de Kufra. It has nothing to do with the world of North Africa. The ad mix is ​​attached to the name of a popular hotel on Sapodia Beach. Twenty years ago, Pino met Dr. Rosie, the owner of the inn, and from that moment a deep friendship was born. Romao traveled to France to participate in the international production competition “Quadrattour International Embrace Benmahedi” in consideration of the Marifor European Championship in Slovenia to win the Italian National Basketball Masters title in 2028. He is always immersed fully in sports and social life, the depth of which expresses interest, enthusiasm and humanity.

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