Pope Francis: Zelensky does not want mediators with Russia because he feels strong support from Europe and the United States.

Pope Francis: Zelensky does not want mediators with Russia because he feels strong support from Europe and the United States.

“They don’t dream much mediationWhy Ukrainian bloc It’s really very powerful. everyone EuropeAnd United State. In other words, they have great power of their own Pope Francesco He commented in an interview with Telemundowords of the ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskywho, after meeting with the Pope on May 13, said that he did not need mediators with Russia. Bergoglio He revealed that during this particular audience in the Vatican, Zelensky asked me for “a big favor: to be busy, to take care of the children who were taken to Russia. He was very sad and asked for cooperation to try to bring the boys back.” UkraineThe words come as Moscow positively assesses the Pope’s peace initiative.

The reference is the mission entrusted to the cardinal Matthew Maria ZubiPresident of the Italian Episcopal Conference and Archbishop of Bologna. As mentioned VaticanThe Pope entrusted him “with the task of leading the mission, in agreement with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which will help ease tensions in the conflict in Ukraine in the hope that the Holy Father can initiate paths of peace.” The task will start in the next few days. The Cardinal himself noted that the intervention of the Pope, and the subsequent hope for peace regarding the war in Ukraine, came. “Tears”.

Bergoglio also determined the return of the Ukrainian lands “It’s a political issue.”Adding that “peace will be achieved on the day when they can talk to each other or through others,” referring to Putin and Zelensky. Thus, the Pope once again emphasized the purpose of the mission entrusted to Zubi, namely, to put Ukraine and Russia into contacts. from The Kremlin Explain that “any effort in this direction will only make sense if the known principled position of Russia regarding possible peace negotiations. In this regard, we recall that, unlike Russia, which was ready from the outset for an honest and open dialogue on a solution in Ukraine, Kyiv system He still categorically rejects the possibility of negotiations with Moscow and counts on war. Of great importance, precisely in this direction, is the audience that the Pope will soon attend, to present the credentials, with the new Russian Ambassador to the Holy See, Ivan Soltanovsky.

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After the mission given to him by Francis, Cardinal Zubi recalled “the anguish of the Ukrainian people who yearn for peace and who mourn for someone who never returned, swallowed them up.” A fratricidal machine Which is war.” The Cardinal took up the words spoken by the Pope on his last trip to HungaryWhere are the creative peace efforts? Let’s get upset, – Zuppi commented, – with this question, so that he doesn’t just stay there The logic of cruel conflict. Pope Francis notes the deterioration of international relations.” He added, “Peace for us is not just a desire, but the very reality of the Church that springs from the Eucharist and the Gospel. The Church and Christians believe in peace, and we are all called to be peacemakers, even in the terrible storm of conflicts. During the Second World War, the Church was among the people and on the ground.

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