Ukraine, fake weapons for Kiev counterattack: the story

Ukraine, fake weapons for Kiev counterattack: the story

There is a Ukrainian company that produces fake weapons, and in the war that Kiev is waging against Russia, it is as essential as companies that produce real weapons. metinvest – a mining and mining giant that operates between Ukraine, Europe and the USA – is the cornerstone of the country’s military strategy led by President Volodymyr Zelensky. company, It ended up on the radar of CNN and the Guardian, weeks before mass production of fake radar equipment and fake artillery pieces began. The goal: to deceive Russia Moscow forces are forced to use men, vehicles and munitions to hit metal or wooden objects that resemble real weapons.

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Besides supplies from the United States and Western partners, the success of Ukraine’s counteroffensive – which is gaining more ground towards the south in the Zaporizhzhya region – also comes through the “sacrifice” of specially created metal and wood products to be destroyed in a short time.

“The main task of these products is to save the lives of military personnel. Every missile, every bullet, every drone used by an aggressor on a metal or plywood object reduces his ability to use this ammunition against Ukrainian equipment and forces,” explains Oleksandr Mironenko, Chief Operating Officer of Metinvest Group. The company responded “to the army’s request in 2022 and, thanks to the commitment of our professional team, was able to quickly start producing fake artillery pieces. For us, this is only a small part of the contribution that a private company can make.” He added: “We give the common goal: the victory of Ukraine.” “.

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The products made by Metinvest are considered successful if they are destroyed. “Booby traps” have already proven to be widely useful. They were hit in all areas where they were deployed, which confirms the excellent work done by Metinvest experts. In addition to fake weapons, the company contributes to the country’s war effort with “real” equipment. The Armed Forces were supplied with 150,000 bulletproof vests made at its own facilities or purchased from third parties, more than 200 mobile shelters, thousands of drones, thermal imaging cameras, vehicles, communications equipment and other defense equipment produced or purchased by the company before being given out. Away free to defend.

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