Ubisoft has revealed that XDefiant has not received certification on PlayStation and Xbox

Ubisoft has revealed that XDefiant has not received certification on PlayStation and Xbox

XDefiant He hasn’t received it yet certificate To be able to land on PlayStation and Xbox: Ubisoft revealed this, updating users on the development status and why the game still has an official release date.

The protagonist of the recent months of successful beta, XDefiant is one of them Call of Duty style shooter Which represents the French company’s attempt to provide an alternative to the famous Activision series.

Mark Rubin, the game’s producer, explained how the application process works for first-party companies, and who must apply Verify the operation of the program on their platforms, detecting any issues and bugs that are then reported to the development team which allows the product to obtain or not obtain certification.

Well, XDefiant did not pass the tests and Ubisoft had to start the procedure again after a few weeks of work to fix the reported items, which inevitably changed the probability Launch window From the shooter.

A different project than usual

XDefiant, a sniper in action

“If we had followed the standard rules for releasing a game, we would have scheduled the launch far enough in advance and with enough margin of safety to have a specific release date,” Rubin explained. “However, as with many things in this game, we did not go the usual way.”

“Having millions of people playing your game long before it’s ready is not normal. Just as it’s not normal to show an unfinished game to millions of people with all its flaws, without them fearing them. These were real tests, not just marketing events.”

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“So when it comes to when the game will be released, the real answer is ‘as soon as possible’. We will continue to update you as more information becomes available to us,” the producer concluded, reiterating the team’s commitment to as much transparency as possible.

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