The Spanish spider that no one knows

The Spanish spider that no one knows

For fans of classic culture or for those who saw Disney’s “Hercules” as a child, Pegasus is the classic winged horse. For Spanish car enthusiasts this means more…

Although it is rarely recognized as the home of cool supercars, Spain It is one of those countries where many interesting companies have produced sports cars or very cheerful cars not for years, but for centuries. Just think of the historic Hispano Suiza, a company that has been active in luxury cars and aircraft since the early 1900s. Or why not, the GTA Spano, the rare supercar that was also loved by the royal family at the time of its presentation.

Exposed in Spanish Salsa (Youtube)

A real pearl that Spanish cars have hidden in their long and illustrious history, however, is the spider you see in these pages, a car with a very distinctive design and above all that Rare as few others cars of its class.

This car also shares something in common with Hispano Suiza: the house he built, founded in 1946 in an old abandoned HS factory, has been built for years A little bit of everythingFrom armored vehicles to buses before jumping into the luxury car segment. The result was amazing, but this exposed did not meet the correct success.

two or three

the home winged horse He built the Z103 from 1955 to 1958, in an effort to forcefully enter the luxury sports car segment with an original and attractive product. The car is directly derived from the Z102, another attempt by Pegaso to move into the world of automobiles dating back four years. However, in the end, neither of these attempts got the deserved response in the market.

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Z103 Scuderia 26_05_2022 Quattromania
Pegaso Z103 (La Escuderia)

In fact, the convertible was made Only three examplesSome even say only two. The car being tested gave amazing results, and with the V8 that the house initially wanted to put on the car, it could reach an absurd speed of 270 kilometers per hour, probably too much for a car of that period.

The design of the car entrusted to Carrozzeria Touring was definitely its strong point but Z103 It did not attract investors and preferred the house, by reason of the reckoning, to return to the production of heavy vehicles that yielded the greatest return. such a pity. NowadaysAccording to the little information found on the Internet, one of the very few examples can be worth up to $990,000, assuming someone really wants to sell a one-of-a-kind piece.

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