Ukraine and Russia, news today | Biden: “Putin’s use of tactical nuclear weapons is a real threat”

Ukraine and Russia, news today |  Biden: “Putin’s use of tactical nuclear weapons is a real threat”

• Kiev: “The battles are raging in the east and the Russian forces are superior.”
• Overnight attacks in Kiev and other regions.
• the Military point: counterattack paused to reduce losses.

08:14 – Kiev: More than 1,000 Russian soldiers were killed yesterday

Yesterday, the Ukrainian Armed Forces killed 1,010 Russian soldiers, which is the death toll of 221,460 Russian soldiers who have been eliminated since the beginning of the war. This was announced by the General Staff of the Kiev Army in its daily update of the situation at the front, according to what it reported ukrinform.

08:03 a.m. — Wagner has hired video game experts to fly drones

Russian mercenary group Wagner has been recruiting people between the ages of 21 and 35 with a “gaming background” to work as drone specialists in an effort to expand its recruiting pool after heavy losses, the institute notes. The conflict was mentioned before guardian. Recruiters in the group post messages on social media platforms and recruits do not need to have any prior experience. “Wagner’s new recruiting campaign is said to advertise training with well-trained instructors, life and health insurance, modern equipment, and the assurance that all recruits will receive all promised payments,” l’isw wrote.

07:50 – A civilian was killed by Russian bombs on the Sumy region

A civilian was killed and three others, including a child, were wounded in the Russian attacks yesterday in the Sumy region. bring it back Kyiv Independent. The region saw 16 attacks targeting the communities of Myropillia, Khotin, Bilopillia, Krasnopillia, Yunakivka, Shalyhyne and Novoslobidske. The victim was reported in Yunakivka.

07:39 – “32 out of 35 Russian drones were shot down during the night.”

07:09 – Explosions in 4 Ukrainian regions

Explosions rocked the city and the Kiev region overnight. The military administration of the Ukrainian capital announced the activation of air defenses. Explosions were also reported in Cherkassy, ​​Vinnytsia and Khmelnytskyi provinces. In the morning, the military administration of the Ukrainian capital announced that in the nighttime “intensive attack” carried out by kamikaze drones, approximately 20 air targets were detected and destroyed in the airspace around Kiev. Drones entered the city in waves from different directions. The air alert lasted more than three hours. No information has been received so far about injuries or damage.

06:21 a.m. – New night attacks in Kiev and other cities

new “Massive” Russian attacks Kiev and the cities of Lviv and Zaporizhia targeted Ukrainians, according to the military authorities, which at the moment They reported no injuries. The attacks on the cities came from different directions via drones, and the warning lasted for more than three hours. The Ukrainian General Staff later claimed that 28 of the 30 drones shot down over Ukraine by Russian forces had been shot down by Ukrainian air defenses during the night. For its part, Zaporizhia’s military administration said the city and its environs were the target of an “intensive attack” against civilian targets. According to preliminary information from the General Staff, seven S-300 missiles were fired at Zaporizhia and its environs. “After a turbulent and tumultuous night, the situation in Zaporizhia is stable. Thank God there were no casualties and no residential buildings were hit,” Secretary of the City Council Anatoly Korteev wrote in a telegram.

06:00 – Kiev, a new Russian attack, destroying 28 Shahed drones

a New Russian attack Ukraine and the capital, Kyiv, were targeted overnight. The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that it was an attack using 30 Shahed drones, of which 28 were destroyed by air defense. And the military administration of the city of Kiev added, according to what was reported by the Ukrainian Rbc agency, that the drones entered the capital in waves, from different directions. at the moment There are no victims. “Nearly two dozen enemy targets were detected and destroyed by our air defense forces and their means in the airspace around Kiev,” according to the report of the General Staff of the Armed Forces in Kiev.

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05:46 am – Biden, Russia’s use of tactical nuclear weapons is a ‘real’ threat

Russia’s resort to tactical nuclear weapons is one of them “real” threat. This was stated by the President of the United States, Joe Biden, days after Moscow announced its publication Belarusian tactical nuclear weapons. During a visit to Palo Alto, in California, the US president defined Russia’s initiative as “totally irresponsible”: “During my last visit here, about two years ago, I said I was afraid of the Colorado River drying up, and everyone said Biden.”They looked at me as if I said I fear that (Russian President Vladimir) Putin will use tactical nuclear weapons. “It’s a real (risk),” Biden said.

– US President Joe Biden in Palo Alto (AP)

05:01 am – Kiev, 70 million is needed for the reconstruction of Kherson

About 60-70 billion euros will be required Restoration of homes and infrastructure In parts of the Kherson region affected by the Kakhovka Dam explosion: Estimation of the Head of Department of the Ukrainian Construction Academy Ivan Berents. “The recovery of 60 million square meters that we lost due to fighting and floods will amount to 60-70 billion dollars,” Perenets told local media. With the Ukrainian government expecting to receive money from international donors for reconstruction, Berenets said Kiev should do so sufficient financial resources to rebuild the area but the lack of skilled and experienced engineers remains a problem. Perehinets estimates that rebuilding homes in the Kherson region will take five to 10 years and a workforce of 1.5 million construction workers.

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04:02 – Kiev, 208 victims of sexual abuse by the Russian invaders

Kyiv has identified 208 victims sexual assault On the part of the Russian forces since the beginning of the invasion, said the ukrainian prosecutor’s office, citing local media. The office indicated that one hundred and forty of the cases registered against women and 13 against minors The real number of victims It’s likely much higher.

02:51 am – Media and EU ready for $50 billion aid plan

The European Union is ready to propose a financial aid plan from 50 billion euros to support Ukraine. According to Bloomberg, quoting some sources, this is expected to be announced within the next few hours. The proposal will help finance the current expenditures of the Kiev government and pay the most urgent priorities to Reconstruction.

01:56 am – Zelensky: We have not lost any positions, our forces are defending them

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said:We have not lost any combat positionsJust edited. The Ukrainian defense forces are advancing in some directions, defending their positions and resisting the attacks of the Russian invaders in others ». report it ukrinform. Zelensky emphasized that training and Equipment supply The new National Guard and Border Guard brigades were discussed in detail at the staff meeting.

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