A wave left 8 injured in California amid a strong sea storm

A deep storm, with a central pressure approaching 980 hectopascals, is producing a severe sea storm along the Atlantic coast of the United States from central California northward. In California specifically A wave left 8 minor injuries.

Sea storm off the coast of California (Reuters)

The accident occurred in a city VenturaWhen a large wave overcame the wall that bordered the end of the beach and swept away many people who were recklessly watching the storm. Eight of them ended up in hospital with minor injuries. The moment was recorded by a camera belonging to the city police department, as well as by the incident observers themselves.

Beaches in Ventura were closed, as were also in Santa Cruz County, where the storm caused property damage. There is a warning from the US National Weather Service about waves 8 to 10 metres.

Responsible for all this is the large storm that drives the south and southwest winds on the Atlantic front. This is the expected isobaric map for this Friday at 18 UTC. The storm will subside over the weekend.

Isobar forecast for Friday at 18 UTC (Tropicaltidbits)

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