A two-year-old child dies of starvation after the death of his father, who was taking care of him

A two-year-old child dies of starvation after the death of his father, who was taking care of him

Surprise and sadness over an issue that occurred early last January and is now known. A two-year-old boy died of starvation next to his fatherafter suffering a heart attackHis devastated family revealed, according to what was reported by the Daily Mail.

Bronson Battersbyaged two, was found wrapped in his pajamas next to his father's body Kenneth, 60 years oldwho is believed to have suffered a heart attack shortly after he was last seen alive on Christmas Day.

a social worker He visited his home in Lincolnshire (Anglaterra)on January 2, for a routine visit, but received no response and called police. He visited them again on January 4, but again there was no response. The social worker called the police again that day.

Surprisingly, the bodies of Kenneth and Bronson – which were classified as Category A exhibition They received weekly visits – They were not found until January 9when it is the same social worker Use a key from the owner to enter the house.

The mother blames social services

child's mother, Sarah Bessie, 43 years oldShe last saw her son before Christmas after a fight with her ex-husband. The woman said: “If social services had done their job, Bronson would still be alive. But they did nothing.”.

“I can't believe it. They can't let them get away with it. We have to be able to trust social workers to protect our children. The sea continues.

“I got the autopsy results. Bronson starved to death Because his father died. “They believe Kenneth did not die before December 29.” Bessie confirms.

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“This means that Had the social worker come when she didn't hear back on Jan. 2, Bronson would still be alive. The mother answered.

Grieving and condoling families

To Facebook, German Bronson, Melanie Battisbyhe wrote: “Beautiful baby, he deserved something so much better than this life. We love you Bronson, you are a part of us forever, forever my little brother.”

He added that his “head and heart” were “torn apart,” and said: “A lot of anger inside Every minute I just want to remember her little smile and her kind nature..

The neighbor, the last person to see them alive

Bronson was last seen alive To his neighbors After they visited the house on Christmas Day. Kenneth sent a letter to the same neighbor saying: “Thank you so much for taking care of him, it means the world to me and Bronson.”.

It was Kenneth in the fresh air And he was one My heart disease The pre-existing condition that caused his or her suffering Severe jaundice In the months before his death.

Evaluation of social services

The child was classified as A exhibition Through social services, meaning he received weekly visits from social workers. The social worker in this position has not been suspended, but has taken voluntary leave.

Heather SandyThe Executive Director of Children's Services explained: “We're doing one Review the case “We are working with co-operating agencies to better understand the circumstances, and we are also awaiting the results of the coroner's investigations.”

“Our thoughts are with the families and friends of the participants.”Sandy confirmed.

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Spokeswoman Lincolnshire Police He said: “Police were informed of the deaths of a 60-year-old man and a two-year-old boy at a property in Skegness at around 3.25pm ​​on January 9.”

“Investigations have been carried out and the deaths are not being treated as suspicious.”“, says the police spokesman.

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