ID @ Xbox April 2023: All games and announcements from Microsoft’s event

ID @ Xbox April 2023: All games and announcements from Microsoft’s event

aired todayid @ xbox in April 2023 as many more have been announced and submitted Indian games Coming to consoles Xbox, PC, and in the Game Pass catalog. Below is a summary of what was presented for the occasion.

The event opened with Monster cassettes, which was released on April 26 on PC, Xbox and Game Pass, showing a short trailer in which the characteristics of the turn-based RPG inspired by Pokémon and Digimon were summarized. Shipwrecked on an exotic island, we gain the ability to transform into the monsters that inhabit it. This ability allows us to fight and explore. The gameplay is similar to that of the Game Freak games, with the ability to “catch” monsters, level up, learn new moves, and even merge creatures.

Then it was my turn Omega strikers, a team-based multiplayer arcade game set to be released on April 27 of which we’ve seen a new trailer. It is a 3v3 sports game where the objective is to score points by throwing energy balls into the opponent’s goal or by knocking the opponents out of the arena.

The release date of The Karters 2 Turbo Charged, which will be available on PC and Xbox on April 26, 2023, has been announced below. It is a kart-based arcade racing game inspired by the classics of the genre, such as Mario Kart and Crash Team racing. It will include 12 modes at launch, including campaign, local races, online multiplayer, and team battles.

There was also room for Coffee Talk – Episode 2: Hibiscus and Butterfly, available on PC, and Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, and Game Pass starting April 20, 2023. This is the second chapter of a bartender/axle simulator set in exotic Seattle that mixes humans with various mythical creatures.

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Then it was my turn Homestead Arcana, which will be available starting April 21 on PC, Xbox and Game Pass. It is a strange mix between an RPG in a fantasy sauce and a farming simulator, in which we will have to grow plants that enhance the magic of our hero, who will have the task of discovering the mysteries that lie behind a strange fog that bedevils the game world.

We have seen below closest distanceComing soon to PC and Xbox. It is a slice-of-life simulation that tells a story about the bonds between family and friends in the face of tragedy. After a fatal car accident, players take on the role of Angela, a young girl from Westby who dies in a tragic car accident, and finds herself watching after her loved ones as they go through the grieving process. Using her ethereal ability to influence the citizens she once knew, Angela’s choices will ultimately determine Ysterby’s fate.

Next we saw a trailer of explorer, a first-person shooter from Remnant Games Studio set in a colorful fantasy world. Players will explore the mysterious island of Ospolis, which legends say is the gateway to Atlantis.

As it was introduced night watchmanwhich will be available “soon” on PC and Xbox, is a graphic adventure with puzzles in which we will play Lil, a 12-year-old girl who finds herself running a guard post in a fantasy world and thus decides the fate of 100 unique characters, including humans, elves, orcs and a giant and so on.

Then it was my turn nightclub, now available on PC and Xbox Series X | S. is a dark fantasy narrative adventure based on the myths and legends of Southeast Asia. The game follows the story of Jabat, a cursed boy who is transported to the mysterious world of monsters in the world of Bunyan. In his quest to break his curse, Jabbat works for a cabaret owner, performing tea ceremonies for the kingdom’s residents and gathering information.

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Also space for Another case of Benedict Fox, metroidvania is coming to PC, and Xbox Series X| S, One and Game Pass on April 27, 2023. For the occasion, a gameplay video was presented in which the developers talked about game mechanics and various combat tools available to players.

The last minutes of ID @ Xbox April 2023 are dedicated to Vampire Survivors: The Tides of Foscari, a new DLC for survival arcade by developer Poncle to be released on April 13, 2023, from which some gameplay sequences were shown. The expansion to the €1.99 mod will introduce eight new characters, 13 weapons, a new stage, 7 music tracks, and 20 new achievements. For the occasion, one of the new characters is introduced (after the trailer that introduced the warrior, thief and mage) armed with a bow, which periodically performs a charged attack in a straight line that damages all targets in the path of the arrow.

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