400 unprotected migratory species are at risk of extinction, according to an extensive UN report

the first Great report about a case Migratory animal species To the world reveals that there is 400 of the unprotected what are they endangeredAnd it is 1 in 5 is protected.

This report became known on Mondayas it states 97% of fish are migratory Included in the United Nations lists of species that must be protected Endangered.

The report was published in conjunction with the beginning The fourteenth meeting year of the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Animals For the United Nations, CMS in English abbreviations:

“A landmark UN report reveals a dire state of wildlife: the world's migratory animal species are declining and the risk of global extinction is rising.”

Fight the takeover and protect the areas where they live

The report's findings call for fighting it much more Illegal fishing These animals, get to know them, protect them and communicate with them better Key areas The planet on which they move and live.

also Expand menus Content management system in protected species to focus attention on them and thus prevent their exposure Excessive exploitation By humans.

COP14 Content Management System It is celebrated from Monday to Saturday a In SamarkandtheUzbekistanand brings together my representatives More than 150 state governments From all over the world with Wildlife experts To enhance its protection.

they Species of fish, birds and mammals Which, in billions of copies, cross borders and continents every year By land, sea and air On trips that are often from Thousands of kilometers.

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They play a crucial role in this Maintenance and balance of ecosystemsThey transport nutrients, prey on pests, and participate in carbon storage, among other benefits.

“Nature knows no boundaries”

According to the Executive Secretary of CMS. Amy Frankel“Samarkand meeting and its slogan”Nature knows no boundaries“, he must serve because Governments act To protect threatened species:

“When animals cross national borders, their survival depends on the efforts of all the countries in which they are found, and this landmark report will help support the policy actions needed to ensure that migratory species continue to thrive around the world.”

The report now published reveals just that 14 types Reserved, among them there Blue whales The humpback and the white-tailed sea eagle, They have improved In the past thirty years.

Also that in 70 has gotten much worse Survival prognosis, among them Wild camel, Steppe eagle And the Egyptian eagle.

Another very disturbing fact is that Most threatened fish speciesincluding migratory sharks, rays and sturgeon, since the 1970s 90% of its population.

400 unprotected species are mainly at risk of extinction Birds and fishAmong them are species of sharks and rays, as well as albatrosses and myxons of the genus Passer.

More than half of key habitats have no protection

Regarding Key areas Where migratory animals live and move, they are present About 10,000 But it is distributed all over the world More than half are unprotectedAnd they are being threatened Human activity.

The report also bears witness and celebration Recoveries Groups of species at risk of extinction, e.gSaiga antelope in Kazakhstan s Birds in Cyprus Reducing illegal caça.

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The study has been conducted before World Conservation Monitoring Centre In the United Kingdom, UNEP-WCMC, the biodiversity specialist and integrator in United Nations Environment Programme In cooperation with the entity WWF.

This center has worked on 1,189 migratory species Defined by the Content Management System (CMS) as Protection needsas well as with an additional list of 3000 other types.

CMS-listed species are those that are at risk of extinction All or part of its habitatOr they need toCoordinated international action To improve the prognosis of survival.

Biodiversity is worse off than climate change

The extinction of migratory species is a very serious problem Biodiversitywhich is specifically one of Planetary boundaries Which are much more overlooked than others and which attract more attention, mainly Climate change Or global warming.

Specifically, a recent study found that 9 limits Defined in the Potsdam Model 6 has already been widely exceededespecially Genetic biodiversity:

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