No more waiting in long lines at the doctor: No more hellish waiting rooms in hospitals | From Google the ultimate self-diagnostic tool

No more waiting in long lines at the doctor: No more hellish waiting rooms in hospitals |  From Google the ultimate self-diagnostic tool
How Google can avoid queues at the doctor –

Since the internet entered homes, many people have begun to access a wealth of information about health and disease.

The ease of research and the vastness of online resources has led to individuals using this very important tool to facilitate self-diagnosis. Google has developed an update for one of its services that will make this practice easier.

Although there have been cases where these self-diagnoses have already led to positive results, symptom assessment alone just isn’t Not recommended by professionals, but it can be dangerous, in fact you may come across it Much more serious health problems than the initial ones.

However, comparison, research, and awareness of a person regarding their health status are aspects that can Significantly improve life, especially if the data is searched using the criterion. The tools currently available to people are forums, social groups, scholarly journals, and some websites where you can talk to professionals in this sector, Google But she has a surprise in store for all netizens.

This update to Google Lens, which is already usable on all devices, will further assist users in iLearn about certain types of skin diseases.

How to use Google Lens to identify disease

google lens It is a service available on all devices that manages the processing of visual information by identifying what is framed by a smartphone camera or webcam. Google feature is very useful for anyone as it can be used for:

  • to translate words;
  • Make mathematical calculations;
  • to summarise text;
  • Save the information featured on business cards;
  • to survey Barcodes and QR codes;
  • Read the information on paintings and works of art;
  • You have more News Regarding animals, plants and minerals.
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Visit a dermatologist – (Source: freepik)

However, from a recent announcement made directly by Google, it can be seen that it has been implemented by Bonusallowing you to help identify possible diseases Dermatology. Actually, that would be enough Take a photo and upload it to Lens to find matches Online visualizations and get more information about your condition.

Of course, however, this possibility It should in no way replace a diagnosis made by a medical professional Given that only a visit by a competent person will eventually be able to detect and diagnose the disease and decide on effective treatment or what other tests to undergo.

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