Tampere and Relays stars return to Rome – News

Tampere and Relays stars return to Rome – News

The Italian athletics team drops its aces.

On the Olimpico track, in front of spectators, including the President of the Republic Sergio MattarellaTonight there will be 3 Olympic medal winners, plus others, in an attempt to increase the number of record medals already obtained.

Going for gold would be Gianmarco Tamperi In high jump. “Here I want to win, maybe with the Italian right and left on the podium,” said Jimbo immediately after qualifying, also launching the other two Italians who qualified for the final, Sutil and Lando.

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The same hope he carries Nadia Pattocletia new gold medalist in the 5,000 metres, who will also attempt the feat in the double distance, the women’s 10,000 metres, and in the women’s 10,000 metres. Emmanuel confirmed In the triple jump, jumping 16.98 meters on the first attempt, he qualified for the final in third place overall behind Jordan Alejandro Diaz Fortun (Spain) and Pedro Pichardo (Portugal).

. Yesterday brought qualification to the World Cup finals Alessandro Sebilio’s men’s 400 hurdleswhich finished the second best time behind Warholm, thus stepping up for an absolute leadership role, and Ayomide Folorunso is in the same specialty but in the women’s fieldToday is the day to get back on track – 4×100 relays for male and female. In particular, the team formed by Jacobs and Bata, champions of Tokyo and ready to give emotions to the home crowd as well. “I feel good, I feel good and relaxed. The goal is to start from the heats to get to the final and then win,” said the 100m gold medalist who is aiming to achieve the double by also repeating Tokyo’s feat. In these European Championships on home soil.

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The goal will also be the same in Paris where the goal will be “to repeat the gold medal in Tokyo”, admits Professor Filippo De Molo, who will also find himself choosing the other two members of the relay with Torto and Desallo participating in the 200 metres. The final was almost certainly saved to give confidence, at least in qualifications, to Simonelli and Rigali who could therefore be among the favourites.

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“I want to be part of this tremendous group, and even being called up as a reserve is a huge honour. This is a group that has an Olympic gold medal and a world silver medal under its belt. Just being here means a lot,” he admitted. Winner’s hurdles 110 metres.

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There will also be women on the track, including 100m bronze medalist Zainab Dosso, who will try to push her teammates towards the medal.

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“I care a lot about the relay race and with the girls we are happy with our results, we are a great group,” he admits.

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The long jump platform will also be colored blue with Larissa Iabichino, awarded “Revelation of the Year” by the foreign press, is ready to make her mark. “The goal is to pass the heats, it is never easy to do that. Maybe you can win bronze with 6.80 or 6.85 metres. But we will need the best of Larissa because the platform is very good, if everyone can exploit it well,” he admits: “You can jump for a very long time.” “.For the European who can still retain the joy of blue colours.

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