October 5, 2022

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Kate Middleton wears yellow in Jamaica amid controversy and the bad winds are back

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There has been a lot of discussion in recent weeks about the royal tour of Kate Middleton Born in Prince William in the Caribbean. The first appointment outside the old continent of the Dukes of Cambridge after the pandemic, organized to celebrate the platinum jubilee of Queen ElizabethIt was full of controversy from the start. Now that the trip is in full swing, the mood continues.

Colorful looks against controversy

The colorful and thoughtful looks of Kate Middleton on a tour of the Caribbean with her husband William
Kate and William visit Trench Town in Kingston

In the countries participating in the tour, all of which are part of the Commonwealth, there are many protests by both residents, politicians and dignitaries. Apologies and reparations for the crown’s embarrassing colonial past are a hustle. Buckingham Palace is not responding at the moment, while William and Kate attempt to revive the royal fortunes with smiles, and in the event of Kate MiddletonEven colorful clothes.

Looks in Jamaica

The colorful and thoughtful looks of Kate Middleton on a tour of the Caribbean with her husband William
Kate wears red and white to say hi to Blaise

In terms of appearance Kate Middleton He didn’t leave anything to chance even on this occasion, and suggested things of his own Favorite brands mixed with creativity from local designers. On March 22, William and Kate said goodbye to Belize City, the first leg of the trip, for their flight to Jamaica. The Duchess got off the plane in a pretty yellow dress next to her Roksanda Ilincic. The color deliberately recalls one of the colors of the Jamaican flag. But, in contrast to the media applause that Middleton received for her position, by sight, on the conflict in Ukraine (laws here the details), there was not the same reaction in the Caribbean.

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Kate smiles but the wind…

The colorful and thoughtful looks of Kate Middleton on a tour of the Caribbean with her husband William
The Duchess struggles with the breeze at the airport

A letter to William and Kate reads: “Princes and princesses are from fairy tales, not Jamaica.” The dukes are responsible, albeit indirectly, for the ugliness committed by the local population by their ancestors over the centuries. While in Kingston, a protest escalates in the street, on the tarmac Kate Middleton Try to smile. However, the climate is also beginning to destabilize the already moving water.

contentious relationship Kate Middleton With the wind is nothing new. In 2011 in Canada, the breeze lifted the skirt of her dress Jenny PackhamExposing the buttocks. The same scene was repeated in 2016 in India and on several other occasions (Check them all out). Now in Jamaica, Middleton has found herself struggling with messy hair and a flowing dress. The Duchess of Cambridge gets used to this kind of fashion incident instantly Salvatore Ferragamo To keep naughty silk at bay. In the Caribbean the weather is clear, but a storm is raging on the Dukes of Cambridge!

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